Hi and welcome to Kikay Inside!

My name is Mitchie, an enthusiast of all things Kikay, DIY's and Life related. I'm currently based in UAE with my husband Jowell.

Jowell and I are soul mates, best friends, travel buddies and food trippers. We like road trips, coffee date, fishing, breakfast date and making the best of our lazy days at home.

'Kikay Inside' started as a space to share my daily thoughts and has grown into a site filled with things I love including family, travelling, creativity and beauty. I share the little moments and joys that make our life together so wonderful. I chose to write about the things I like, the things I felt passionate about and even some of the weird stuffs I have in mind.

Why 'Kikay Inside'? Kikay is a slang word referring to a girl who loves fashion, make-ups, and some sort of girly stuff. Well, I love fashion but I'm not really much into it. I just wear whatever I'm comfortable and whatever my mood tells me. I love make-up and a little obsessed in perfectly doing my brows and lips everyday. Yes, I'm a proud Kikay!

My Dad call me kikay until now. He said I've grown up to be boyish yet very kikay. I played with toy-guns, climbed trees, fist-fight with boys and do all boy-stuff when I was a kid. I used to have bruises, toy-gun in my shorts, long bamboo sticks as my horse, but all glammed-up with lipstick and a pink headband at the end of the day.