I would like to dedicate this blog post in loving memory of my brother-in-law,
Jayson Juan Ramos (03.12.1982 - 08.02.2017)

"Well done,
Good and faithful servant."
- Matthew 25:21

There is no easy way of saying goodbye, specially to our loved ones. But sudden deaths are harder to grasp mentally and emotionally. My brother-in-law's death took us all by surprise when he suffered from heart failure. In matter of minutes, we lost him.

A month passed since our loss but the scenario is still fresh in my mind. I heard an FB Messenger call from my sister-in-law while I was in a meeting with my boss, and since I knew that the call won't go through because it is not allowed here in UAE, I cancelled the call and replied to her saying that 'I am in a meeting, try to call Owel.'  My meeting finished just few minutes after I sent my message, and when I checked my Messenger again I read her message saying that my brother-in-law is dead. I was totally shocked, frozen and completely blanked. I was shaking while trying to call my husband. Couple of failed calls because his line was busy. After minutes of waiting I received a call from him. He was loudly crying and with a broken voice he conveyed to me the news.

I was trying so hard not to be drowned with my emotions that very moment. I said to myself that I have to be strong for my husband. With a calm voice, I instructed him to arrange his flight immediately back to Philippines even without me. I couldn't go with him due to work and financial related reasons. I was trying so hard to calm him over the phone for I know that he needs to drive back in the city for an hour and he should be focused on his safety. I know that it will be very difficult that I couldn't be there for my husband to comfort him but I told him that we have to be stronger while we are apart. He have to be stronger emotionally and spiritually for our family back in the Philippines.

Blessed enough that he was able to get a flight ticket that same night. Couple of hours before we send him off to his flight, his tears were pouring on my shoulders. I was not able to ask the details of what happened, I just let him release some of the overflowing emotions he had that moment.

My brother-in-law, Jayson, is the youngest from my husband's siblings. Jayson is a public servant in our barangay as a councilor and a friend to many. He left a wife and an 11 year old son who had just been cleared from cancer couple of months back.

Looking back, our family realized that every moment counts. We can never tell how many days we will be enjoying our lives here on earth, or how much time we still have to be with our loved ones. There were many "if only" scenarios that our family, his family, regretted.  Thus, in this life that everything is uncertain, we learned to remember one thing - - - never fail to show how much you love your family, friends or anyone who means to you. A constant communication of "Hi, hello, how are you doing, i love you, etc." could mean a world to our loved ones. Even at times that we have a misunderstanding, make it a point that at the end of the day, love will still prevails. Show your love, your care and make time.

"'Tol, I know how much you miss your wife, son and whole family. It is the same for us here, we miss you too. We know that you are in a better place now. You don't have to worry anymore, specially to Josh. We will make sure that everything will be ok for him. Thank you for being a part of my life for even a short amount of time that you were here with us on earth...... You definitely did a good job! Till we see you again."