My husband recently had to go home in the Philippines due to an emergency. It was such a distressful two weeks stay for him back home. I was surprised that he was able to take time and buy me some books and kikay pasalubong when he arrived back here in Abu Dhabi.

He gave me a pair of Lip & Cheek Gel Tint, a product by Seoul Skin. I am a huge fan of lip and cheek tint and although I am not so familiar with the brand, I was super excited to try it out.

I did try to search online about Seoul Skin brand and I would say that I was quite impressed with the reviews. 

The packaging is simple yet pretty girly. The ingredients were well stated in the box and emphasized that it is paraben free, with aloe vera and moisturizing. The gel tint transparent tube is very basic with a doe foot applicator.

The gel color is in dark red but when applied on skin or lips, it shows a red-pink tone. The gel consistency is very light which makes it easy to blend. It has a sweet berry scent which is very appealing to me. One swipe sure makes a perfect blush on my cheeks and natural shade on my lips. It sure is smudge proof on my lips and also has a lasting effect specially on my cheeks. 

Below are some photos of my first try on my hand.    

1 swipe is all it takes.

After 30 seconds

After 2 minutes

It only takes one light swipe on each cheek and softly blend it using your fingers to achieve a very natural blush. Same goes with the lips. One swipe on each lip and blend it by dabbing with your finger and that's it! Well, plus a natural looking define brows, makes a perfect natural, no-makeup, effortlessly fresh everyday look.

I recently tried doing a routine of no-makeup, just fresh glowing-look and using this lip and cheek tint makes it easy for me. Yes, I'm being lazy most of the time specially while being in the office. I just though that I really don't need much makeup unless I have something important to attend. Better reserve the glam look on occasions. 😉

Overall, I am totally in love with this new found product. It is perfect for everyday use and has a long lasting effect. The scent is very nice and the texture is great. After several use, I am happy that I didn't get any skin irritation. I am just a little disappointed with the amount of the product content that seems just a little more than half of the tube. Since the dark color spread-out plus the applicator inside the tube, it sure does look full, but upon thorough checking it isn't. Anyhow, the product quality is great and I would definitely buy some more stocks when I'm back in the Philippines. 😉

It's like a Christmas whenever I received a package of products for review from Palmer's. This month I received two bottles of full size shampoo and conditioner.

I package was in a cute brown pouch with Palmer's logo on it. As usual, it still include the lovely orange envelop with the product details on it.

The bottle for the shampoo and conditioner seems very similar. Unless you will read it specifically and notice the font color, you won't really differentiate the shampoo from the conditioner. It is in a basic shape bottle in dark brown color. 

You will notice in both bottle's label that it emphasized - - - "no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten and no dyes". Whereas these ingredients can be commonly found in regular shampoos and conditioners in the market. So, this catch made me really excited to try these babies.

I have been using Palmer's Shea Formula Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for few days now since I received them. First, I've tried the shampoo without conditioner for couple of days, just to see it's effect on my hair and scalp. The scent is very nice and calming.

After I thoroughly wet my hair and put a generous small amount of shampoo, I gently massage it on my scalp and hair. I noticed that it didn't foam up like a regular shampoo, but I didn't add more. After few minutes, I rinsed my hair thoroughly.

I combed it gently and waited for it to dry. Although the shampoo didn’t lather up as much as I’m used to with a regular shampoo, I would say that it is it was still sufficient enough to clean my hair. I usually get an oily hair if it wasn't properly cleaned. It leaves a fresh scent on my hair. It was not oily or too dry. It tamed my dry hair and gives a natural shine just on my first use.

After couple of days of just plainly using shampoo, I then use its conditioner after cleansing my hair with Palmer's Shea Formula Moisture Repair Shampoo. The effect give a softer wave on my hair. The natural shine was enhance and replenish moisture. The shea butter scent intensified with the shampoo and conditioner duo, which I personally love.

Overall, these two lovely products will definitely be in my future to-buy-list. It sure did great on my hair!