EID Holidays at Le Méridien Hotel Abu Dhabi


It was a long weekend EID holidays here in UAE, when my husband and I, together with some good friends decided to book for last minute hotel stay deals. We agreed to consider a budget friendly hotel with very good facilities just within here in Abu Dhabi.

Although it was peak season, we were lucky enough to still got a very good deal for a 4 Star Hotel 😊

We were booked in Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi, which is conveniently located in the Tourist Club Area in Abu Dhabi, within a few minutes walk from the city's business district and shopping malls. 

The staff were accommodating though a little strict that time. It also took us a little longer time to wait during the check-in process. Since it was a busy season, we highly understand the situation.

The hotel's lobby has sure made us feel comfortable. The hotel interior is decorated in warm tone colors, fine details and furnishings that reflect Arabian's vibrant culture.

Here are some photos taken from the hotel's lobby.

Here are photos taken from the upper-floor's hallway.

Inside our room is a very welcoming and elegant ambiance. Still matching with the hotel's warm color motif, the combination shades of green, red and gold definitely brought out a luxurious feeling. 

The toilet is spacious and complete with toiletries we need for a one-night stay. The king-size bed was nice and large and was extremely comfortable. The set of bedding is comfortable and of good size. I was just a little concerned with the air-con. It was already on it's coolest temperature but I felt that it couldn't handle very well the hot temperature outside. Anyhow, I was able to sleep comfortably that night though.
Here are photos taken inside our room.

One of the best part of our stay here in Le Meridien Hotel was that we enjoyed the outdoor pool and easy access to their private beach.

I was not so crowded yet when we checked-in since it was still a day early to celebrate EID.

The hotel offer restaurants and lounges where you can enjoy international cuisines from their menu.

It's picturesque beachfront is just few seconds away from the pool area.

Overall Le Meridien hotel is definitely a good value for money based on our recent stay. Here are some points I wanted to emphasize.
  • The ambiance in general is luxurious and welcoming.
  • The Wifi was excellent. I could connect even when I was in the pool area.
  • The amenities are nice too, specially the pool. I've seen that they have spa but I was not able to experience it since we closely keep our budget within our limits. 
  • The location is definitely perfect since it is close to malls and other tourist and business spots. I could get everywhere I needed quickly and easily 
  • The staff are OK; Some are accommodating but strict and some are snob.
  • The room has a very elegant features though need some improvements and change of few appliances.
  • The kettle in my friends' room was not working properly.
  • The corridors' ceiling are a little too low.
  • The window was dirty from our room.
  • The only access going in and out of the pool area is passing through the lobby restaurant, which I feel a little awkward. 


This day won't end without a selfie of course 😜

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