Palmer's Product Review for the month of June 2017


I am one of the privileged bloggers to be chosen as Brand Ambassador of Palmer's here in UAE. This month is my first product review of their goodies. Well, I'm really excited when I received this lovely box! Such an elegant packaging, indeed! A personalized, handwritten note and my name on a cute orange thick paper. 

In this month's box, I got a hair conditioning product made from Coconut Oil which is the Protein Pack and a foot care called Foot Magic made from Cocoa Butter Formula.

Both are perfect for the weather! Especially the Deep Conditioning Protein Pack for the hair. I divided it in two uses, although I believed it should be used only for one, especially if you have long, thick hair. Anyhow, after I used it the first time, my hair just got a nice shine and perfect bounce. I used my portable hair heating machine to thoroughly condition my hair. I let it condition my hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it with luke warm water.

While the Foot Magic works like magic if used everyday. My tired and rough feet just slowly soften and easier to scrub. It does not leave your feet greasy at all. The scent definitely helps in relaxing my feet. I used it every night before I go to sleep. I guess it works well when you cover it with socks overnight. It deeply moisturizes and penetrates the vitamin E which is essential for a flawless skin.

Palmer's is one of the best and well proven products not just here in UAE but in the world. One of the best products that I personally love from their products is the facial oil which I am constantly using. I am looking forward in reviewing more of their products in the coming months. 

What is your favorite Palmer's product/s? Share it with us ;)

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