Weekend at Ras Al Khaimah

3 hours drive from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah was a little tiring (even if I'm just a passenger) and quite a struggle for us during our trip then. When we were almost in the boundaries of Ras Al Khaimah, a strong wind, heavy rain and howling thunders welcomed us. We left Abu Dhabi around 4 in the morning, so the road was not so crowded. When we reached Ras Al Khaimah, although the weather was not on our side, we were thankful that we didn't encounter any accidents.  

We were scheduled to be there for a convention. We booked our hotel a week before and noted in my online booking for an early check-in.

I called the hotel 3 hours before we traveled and ask if it is possible to check-in early (around 7am) because we have to attend to a conference nearby. The person I spoke with, Mr. Ritesh, told me that it could be arrange once we arrive there. When we arrived there, Mr. Kareem, told me that it is not possible to check-in early. I was a little disappointed because I should have not go there directly if Mr. Ritesh, their staff, whom I spoke with over the phone had informed me earlier. Mr. Kareem insisted that they don't have ready rooms because the housekeeping will only be working at 10am, even if there were available rooms already. Finally, after 3 hours of waiting in the lobby, I spoke with Mr. Selim from the front desk and requested if they could already arrange a room for me. He said yes but I have to wait another 30 minutes. I waited for another 30 minutes then I approached Ms. Sara to assist me with my booking. And finally I got a room!

Facilities are OK. Only that the rooms are not sound proof and our corridor smells cigarette smoke.

When we had our breakfast the next day, the food were OK, nothing special. We were almost finished but my friend was still having coffee and fruits for dessert when Mr. Sunil approached us and asked if we are finish because he needs a table for other guests. Where it was obvious that we are not yet done and there were other vacant tables. I think it is not a very good and professional gesture.

Anyhow, over-all it is a good hotel except they have to train their staff to be more professional and accommodating.

Below are some photos with friends during our convention lunch break.

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