Been busy, physically worn out and emotionally down these past few months. I was not able to keep up on my blogging. Although I was active in my social medias, I was not very much in the mood to sit and focus on my blogging activities.

During the first few months of my health struggle, aside from the physical pain that I was enduring, I felt so depressed and irritated most of the time. It started around late November last year. I noticed strange changes in my body. Brittle and chirped nails, very dry skin and lips, weak hair strands and dark under eyes and neck. I thought it was just because of the weather, but using lotion, moisturizers and taking vitamins, I had a feeling that it was really strange.

My gallstone pain attack became so often that I was a little traumatized to eat and drink anything. I even stopped drinking fresh juices and just having oatmeal since January. The sad thing is that even if I eat healthy, without any grease, I still experienced pain attack. I was in and out of the ER for almost everyday for two weeks. I was so weak and high with so many medications and pain relievers.

I had endoscopy and ultrasound. It was indeed the gallstones that was attacking me almost everyday. My gall bladder had an infection too and the frequent pain made the doctors decide to do an emergency surgery. I underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a procedure of gall bladder removal. The doctors said that it is better to remove my gall bladder rather than to sacrifice my other more important organs that might also be affected.

The preparation was about 4 hours and the operation was about 2 hours. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days which was supposed to be just an overnight stay. Maybe because my recovery is a little slow. I am allergy to most kinds of antibiotic but luckily, the one intended for me to use didn't give me an allergic reaction after doing a skin test.

So how did I got these gallstone pain attack? Well, because I didn't have a very healthy eating and physical lifestyle. Although I've been trying to cut-off greasy food and soft drinks, and doing gallstones flush detox for few months before I had the operation, the stones formed in my gall bladder was there few years back and became bigger as the days passed, especially with my unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are some photos of my ordeal. 😩

This was the stone taken inside my gall bladder. It is around 3.5 cm x 2 cm. 🙈🙈🙈

Pretty flowers from friends :)


My view for 3 days

I was in a soft-diet 2 weeks after my surgery. I also did a 1-week detox to flush all the meds I had for my pain attacks. It's been 2 months now from my surgery and I still don't drink soft drinks, trying so hard to avoid red meat and eating more vegies, fruit and high-fiber stuff for my digestion. I am still lazy to do some exercise but I'm getting there soon.

I hope to be back on my regular blogging. I became very busy after my surgery to compensate the days I was not in the office. Plus I launched my new online shop which was very time consuming too. Anyhow, I'm back and try to be more healthy! Please pray for my journey 🙏