5 Minute Makeup Challenge


5-minute makeup challenge?! Yep, I know, many of youtubers have tried this craze and since I'm totally new in youtubing, then I guess it is not too late for me to do it. Any how, it is quite s challenge for makeup lovers like me ;) So I really have to try it out!

So, when I told my husband that I'll be doing the 5-minute makeup challenge, he's like,
"naaa, you can't do that!"  
Well, although I myself was not confident enough if I can do that, but since he reacted that way, the more I was challenged to conquer this and prove him that I CAN! ;)

I think to be able to do this challenge successfully was to eliminate that part of choosing what should I use, especially when it comes to lipstick shade. So before I started, I chose already the things I needed to use to achieve a simple and descent everyday makeup look.

Here's the video of how I did it :)

Here are what I used to achieve this simple and fairly descent everyday makeup look:

  • Foundation - - - Pure Beige - - - Living Nature 
  • Bronzer - - - Summer Bronze - - - Living Nature 
  • Pressed Powder - - - Sandstorm - - - Rimmel London Stay Matte
  • Highlighting Palette - - - Bronze Glow #30 - - - Revlon
  • Blush-on - - - Blush - Warm Summer - - - Living Nature
  • Eyeshadow - (Darkest Shade) Revlon Colorstay 12-Hour eyeshadow quad in Blushed Wines
  • EyeBrow Pencil - - - Daiso Brow Pencil (Brown)
  • Mascara - - - The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - - - Maybelline
  • Lipstick - - - Satin Captive - - - MAC

In a nutshell: So, I guess I can!!!! But why should I limit my self in 5 minutes to do my makeup? Well, yes, there are some situations that you really need to be quick but I think it is only a matter of deciding whether to put or not to put makeup on. If you decided to put your makeup, then consider taking reasonable time in enhancing your beauty. If you chose not to put on makeup, then I believe that it is perfectly fine.

It is all a matter of our personal preference. Some can even do their simple makeup in less than 5 minutes. Powder, blusher and a lipstick will only take 3 minutes to put on. Some might not even put blusher on. I usually just put on my powder and lipstick everyday before I got obsessed in doing my brows. Then I learned the importance of contouring, the use of mascara and highlighters, then my life gets a little complicated. lol :)

Have you done your simple makeup in 5 minutes or less? How was it?

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