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Who doesn't love sale? Well, aside from purchasing super discounted makeups I also got freebies. Yep, I'm so blessed! :)

It was a buy one - take one promotion on selected brands in one of my favorite makeup shops and I chose Maybelline because, well out of curiosity ;)

I paid for the velvet matte foundation and got the compact powder for free! While the mascara was on a discounted price with free brow pencil and a pouch bag. Good deal, right?!

Ooopsss, wait, I think I was so excited to try my new kikays that I suddenly felt ummmm - - a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong! I think the products were good, it is just that the current weather here in UAE is a real challenge. Here's my quick review:

Velvet Matte Hydrating Foundation (#30 Sand) - The texture was fine and very creamy. It is easy to blend using brush or sponge. The coverage is medium to high, depending on how you will use it. I was a little disappointed that its matte effect didn't last long. My face already looks shiny by noon which I normally don't get with my favorite brand of matte foundation. It also became a little cakey later in the afternoon, so I have to do a retouch by then.

Super Stay Compact Powder (#10 Ivory) - It has a very fine texture as well and it indeed gives you a flawless coverage. Unfortunately, it shines up on my face after few hours. Other than that, it is ok. It has a nice finishing with medium coverage.

Master Shape Brow Pencil (Soft Brown) - The shade was perfect for me and the smooth gelish effect was very nice when gliding it on my brows. It also last the whole day. However, it wasn't very nice in perfectly shaping and defining angles, which I am kinda strict in terms of doing my brows.

The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - OK, this is my favorite among all of these Maybelline products. This mascara gives a perfect lift on my lashes. For me, it just gives a natural push and thickness to my lashes rather than dramatic effect contrary to what it says on the packaging. Which I think is a good point for me. I can use it everyday compare to other mascaras that really gives too much effect that makes you look like wearing fake ones. Another good thing about this is that it doesn't smudge even I'm wearing glasses. And although it last the whole day, it is quite easy to remove using my makeup remover.  

My free kikay pouch! Ready for kikay on-the-go! :)

Maybe I was a little disappointed from most of what I got. I'm sure I will still use it considering the weather and occasions. One good thing for me is that it was gentle on my skin since I didn't get any redness and rashes at the end of the day. The prices was indeed affordable though. The mascara was very recommendable! While the foundation and compact powder are good depending on your skin type. The brow pencil is nice too but not for defining angles. Over-all, it was OK.

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