Summer is the least friendly season in applying your usual makeup routine. Between 43°C-50°C here in UAE and the ideal summer makeup look is one that is easy and greatly benefits your skin.

At this time of the year, I usually skip some add-ons from my makeup steps and just focus on achieving fresh look in defining my features without looking over-done. Choosing the right products and colors are the key to naturally show-off your summer glow.

I've been privileged to receive a box full of Living Nature beauty products from BALMESSENCE Nature-Luxe E-Boutique right after EID holidays here in UAE and I was so excited to try them out.

Here are what I got:

  • Foundation - Pure Beige
  • Mascara - Jet Black
  • Firming Eye Cream
  • Lipstick - Morning Sun
  • Pressed Powder - Summer Bronze
  • Blush - Warm Summer

The goal to this easy summer makeup look is to enhance the natural glow of my face while preserving healthy skin. Living Nature products are known to be gentle on skin and doesn't have synthetic preservatives or parabens. None of the ingredients are genetically modified and products are certified natural by BDIH in Germany. These are just some of the major reasons why excitement overflows in me when I received these lovely products.

Here's my brief review on each products I received.

"With nourishing Active Manuka Honey and hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel, this certified natural product is highly concentrated and easily absorbed, helping to reverse the aging effects of stress around your eyes."
I used this product twice a day, morning and evening after washing my face but before putting on moisturizer. It has a soothing and cooling properties that help under eyes to reduce redness and puffiness. It makes a perfect on-the-go prep for putting quick everyday makeup. I can even skip my under eye concealer because of this. Yes, making my life a lot easier. ;)

"A darker shade with pink base tones, consists of pure minerals to provide flawless coverage. Natural oils and vitamins nourish the skin while Manuka Oil protects it."
First of all, make sure you shake the product very well before using it, otherwise you get a watery oil that runs everywhere. This liquid foundation has a thin but creamy consistency. It has this nutty smell that is very nice and natural. It goes on so smoothly, looks natural and gives a lovely glow on the skin. This is best for people like me who love their foundation in matte, light and natural-looking.  It gives a light coverage, which is perfect for everyday use. The shade I have, Pure Beige, just matches my fair skin.

"Natural mineral color for your face and body for a radiant sun kissed complexion. Can be worn alone, or over foundation or tinted moisturizer. Fragrance-free."
It’s all about the bronzer for this summer makeup look. And to get that sunkissed natural looking glimmer, Living Nature Summer Bronze pressed powder is the perfect product. This bronzer is for sure my favorite of the six products I tried. I now use this daily and will definitely continue to use this. I really like that it has a good quality, generously sized mirror and a brush, so it is perfect for on-the-go makeup kit.

"Add a soft flush of mineral colour to define the cheek area and enhance facial contours, for a healthy radiant complexion. Warm Summer is pink tones."
This blush is in peachy-pink tone which is best for summer. It gives a natural rosy blush and a pretty radiant on my cheeks. It blends beautifully into the skin and looks very natural. It also included a travel sized brush.

"Create stunning, not-to-miss eyes with this fragrance free mascara. Halloysite clay thickens lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. Suitable for sensitive eyes."
This mascara gives nice length and separation to my lashes. Although, it doesn't really give the dramatic thickening effect, it is very recommendable for a daily natural-looking use. Another thing I personally love about this, since it's all natural, it is very gentle on my sensitive eyes. It last all day and stays smudge-free on a humid day.

"A medium toned orange color with rich burnt undertones. Natural pigments and nourishing waxes ensure smooth application, fabulous wear and a gorgeous natural smile."
I was a little skeptical with the color at first, however, when I put it on, it was indeed lovely and just perfect for a fresh looking makeup. This is a shade that would look different on everybody depending on your lip color. I like to put a bit of foundation over my lips first so that they are completely neutral before using. It's super moisturizing and goes on really smoothly too.

In a nutshell
I truly love and enjoyed the products I got! The packaging are very stylish and sleek. Aside from its all-natural ingredients, the quality exceeded my expectations. I was thinking which one is my favorite, but then ended up realizing that I love them all. So I guess I'll just pick my top 4 favorites but not in particular order.

One of my personal favorites is the liquid foundation. It is very light, has fine texture and enhance my skin's natural glow. I also love the eye firming cream. It gives an almost instant soothing effect on my tired-looking under eyes. The mascara, although it says for thickening, which I personally didn't get from it, I still love it because of the length it gives and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. And lastly, the bronzer which I am using now in replacement of my other favorite brand. It gives a nice shimmer blend on my cheeks and perfect for natural contouring.

While the blush and lipstick are pretty nice as well, but since I don't regularly put on blusher; and the lipstick, although very smooth and moisturizing, I still prefer matte; that is why these two are my least favorites.

Living Nature products are best for sensitive skin. Its all-natural ingredients makes it really gentle on any skin type. I've been using all these products for couple of weeks now and I can surely say that it is a breath of fresh air for my skin. Although the price is a little costly compare to most drugstore beauty products, the quality and effectiveness are guaranteed excellent and award-winning. Since the demand for effective, high-quality, natural makeup and skin care is higher than ever, and very few genuine brands can offer that; we are lucky here in UAE that we can avail Living Nature products easily. 


Here's a quick video on how I did my Fresh Faced Easy Summer Makeup Look :)

The basic of keeping your makeup's longevity and looking fresh is all about prepping your skin. Always start with a clean face and exfoliated lips; Put on a good, non-greasy moisturizer with enough SPF. Yep! Do not rush! Wait for few minutes and let your skin absorb the moisturizer. Put on you favorite primer and pore filler, this will help in achieving melt-free look. And yes, you can now start putting on your makeup ;)
  1. I used Living Nature firming eye cream few nights ahead of this tutorial. I also put it on after cleaning my face just before I did this video.
  2. I start by putting Living Nature liquid foundation on my face using a brush then later on with a sponge to achieve even tone. Let it dry.
  3. I put on translucent loose powder for smoother finish and get rid of shine. It will also help soak up any excess oils. 
  4. I applied Living Nature bronzer along the hollows of my cheeks to contour.
  5. I also used the bronzer as a light eye shadow.
  6. And I also used the bronzer to define my nose line.
  7. Brush the Living Nature blush-on sparingly up along the cheekbones.
  8. Put some more loose powder under the eye, forehead and chin.
  9. I curled my lashes, following with a coat of  Living Nature mascara.
  10. I finished my look with a 'Morning Sun' shade of Living Nature lipstick.
Have you tried products from Living Nature? What have you been using this summer to achieve fresh looking makeup look?
You may visit BALMESSENCE Nature-Luxe E-Boutique website to know more about Living Nature products here in UAE.
You may purchase Living Nature products here in UAE in the following website and shops:

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Wellness United. My opinions are uninfluenced and remain honest at all times no matter how the products were obtained. My reviews are based on my own personal experience with the product/s itself. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and that each individual’s opinion or experience may vary. Because something works for me, it does not guarantee that it will work for you too.

It's been a long time since I wore red lipstick going to office or just for an ordinary everyday makeup look. So when my husband saw me wearing blazing red lipstick on a blazing heat of 43 deg.C. at 8 in the morning, he was like, "I thought the hot temperature comes from the sun, then here you are ;) "

We were late going to office but yes, I still manage to do my brows and perfectly shape red lippy :)

  • Foundation - Living Nature (Pure Beige)
  • Bronzer - Living Nature (Summer Bronze)
  • Mascara - Maybelline (The Falsies Push-up Drama)
  • Lipstick - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor (Feels So Grand)
  • Eye Liner - MAC Pencil Eye Liner (Coffee)
  • Press Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte (Sandstorm)

Who doesn't love sale? Well, aside from purchasing super discounted makeups I also got freebies. Yep, I'm so blessed! :)

It was a buy one - take one promotion on selected brands in one of my favorite makeup shops and I chose Maybelline because, well out of curiosity ;)

I paid for the velvet matte foundation and got the compact powder for free! While the mascara was on a discounted price with free brow pencil and a pouch bag. Good deal, right?!

Ooopsss, wait, I think I was so excited to try my new kikays that I suddenly felt ummmm - - a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong! I think the products were good, it is just that the current weather here in UAE is a real challenge. Here's my quick review:

Velvet Matte Hydrating Foundation (#30 Sand) - The texture was fine and very creamy. It is easy to blend using brush or sponge. The coverage is medium to high, depending on how you will use it. I was a little disappointed that its matte effect didn't last long. My face already looks shiny by noon which I normally don't get with my favorite brand of matte foundation. It also became a little cakey later in the afternoon, so I have to do a retouch by then.

Super Stay Compact Powder (#10 Ivory) - It has a very fine texture as well and it indeed gives you a flawless coverage. Unfortunately, it shines up on my face after few hours. Other than that, it is ok. It has a nice finishing with medium coverage.

Master Shape Brow Pencil (Soft Brown) - The shade was perfect for me and the smooth gelish effect was very nice when gliding it on my brows. It also last the whole day. However, it wasn't very nice in perfectly shaping and defining angles, which I am kinda strict in terms of doing my brows.

The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - OK, this is my favorite among all of these Maybelline products. This mascara gives a perfect lift on my lashes. For me, it just gives a natural push and thickness to my lashes rather than dramatic effect contrary to what it says on the packaging. Which I think is a good point for me. I can use it everyday compare to other mascaras that really gives too much effect that makes you look like wearing fake ones. Another good thing about this is that it doesn't smudge even I'm wearing glasses. And although it last the whole day, it is quite easy to remove using my makeup remover.  

My free kikay pouch! Ready for kikay on-the-go! :)

Maybe I was a little disappointed from most of what I got. I'm sure I will still use it considering the weather and occasions. One good thing for me is that it was gentle on my skin since I didn't get any redness and rashes at the end of the day. The prices was indeed affordable though. The mascara was very recommendable! While the foundation and compact powder are good depending on your skin type. The brow pencil is nice too but not for defining angles. Over-all, it was OK.