Product Review: IZIL Argan Multi-Purpose Oil


Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of oil when it comes to skin or hair care products. I hate its greasy feeling and with the hot weather here in UAE, well good luck. But then the extreme hot weather here now also causes my hair, skin and even nails to intensely dries. I’ve used different skin moisturizers and hair conditioners, it does helped but it doesn’t last long within the day. My mom, told me to use coconut oil to help heal and hydrates my affected areas, but it is really a big NO for me. Then I read so much good reviews about argan oil so why not give it a try.

Argan oil is a natural and rare golden oil  which comes straight from  the fertile lands of Morocco, from the Argan tree.  Morrocans used argan oil not just for cosmetics purpose but also in their meal. 

I received a bottle of Multi-purpose Argan Oil from IZIL last week and I was so excited to try it and personally experience its wonders. So here's my quick review about it after using IZIL Argan oil for few days.

A small amount of argan oil can go a long way.

To sum it up, using IZIL Multi-purpose Argan Oil is something that I will definitely add to my beauty routine.

Now, the question is, why did I choose IZIL brand? Well, nowadays there are so many retailers of argan oil since it is the hype. But choosing a brand that specialized in doing product mainly with pure argan oil is where IZIL stands out. Coming from its name IZIL which means "pure" in Berber language, you can surely expect an all-natural product. Yes, it is a little expensive but based on my experience, it is worth every penny.

To know more about IZIL products, you may visit their website and stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Have you guys tried ARGAN oil before or products infused with argan oil? What are your thoughts on this?

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