June was a very busy month for me. Ramadan started on the first week and my work's shortened timings were supposed to be a good one but instead, I was more stressed because of heavy work loads in a very short office timing. As much as I would like to do an overtime, I can't because I also have to attend on my personal errands. Any how, June is about to end so here are my June favorite products!


I got a complimentary products from Maxon and Hydramax Lipbalm is my favorite. It moisturizes my lips the whole day and it's a perfect prep in using matte lipstick. It also helps in healing dry lips and keeps it moisturized the whole day. It cost 42aed ($11.44). It is available in leading pharmacies in UAE and online in www.basharashop.com

Ofra in Pasadena shade is my go-to nude lipstick! It is very matte but doesn't dry out on my lips. It has a very nice texture and it doesn't go off easily, so smudging is never an issue. It last for around 7 hours on my lips without retouch even after meal. Price wise - very affordable for its good quality. It cost me 75aed ($20.43) for one piece plus courier charge since it is only available online. I bought mine in www.thebeautyclub.ae :)

Bioderma Hydrabio SPF 30 Care Water comes in a small size tin and looks like a mini thermal water spray. It protects skin from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. You can use it as a setting spray on your makeup and then re-mist your face later to refresh your UV protection. You can use it on arms and legs.

I have showed on my previous video post about IZIL multi-purpose argan oil and its uses. You can use it on your skin, nails, lips and my favorite is to use on my hair. 

I used to have the pink bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing and it was a perfect facial cleanser for me. It was mild, since I didn't get any rashes, yet a powerful makeup remover for me. When I was about to purchase another bottle recently I saw this new Micellar with oil which I think is a better facial makeup cleanser, and I was right!


Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what are your thoughts on it.

I first encountered Maxon products included in my Glambox. I tried it then and sure it was gentle on my skin. About two weeks ago I received a complimentary bag of Maxon products and I was excited to try them out.

In the bag were full sizes of Maxon Soft White Facial Wash, Maxon Soft White Cream and Maxon Hydramax Lip Balm.

I am not really into skin whitening products since I am not so conscious when it comes to my skin complexion. But after my vacation in the Philippines for a month last March (summer season there), I was extremely off in going out under the sun again. I was 3 times darker from my normal skin tone and my lips were so dry even if I was using lip balm. I couldn't even use my usual foundation shade because it totally look awful on me. I've been using translucent loose powder for few weeks because I don't want to buy new shade just to use temporarily. I bought some whitening soap to help in lightening and to help bring back my usual complexion. It does help but my face was still a little darker which was very obvious on the tan lines under my glasses temples. So, I guess receiving these Maxon products were very timely.

Soft White Facial Wash

The cleanser is a colorless gel and has a calming scent. Although, it does not foam up too much, my face felt soft after washing it off. Totally, this is a gentle cleanser you can use daily without drying out your skin. I guess if you have dry and sensitive skin this will suit you well.

It removes impurities from your face giving a fresh glow. But since it is a very gentle cleanser, it does not remove makeup well. I don't use heavy makeup everyday but I still felt a little bit of makeup like mascara was left on the skin.

Soft White Cream

I'm using this product every night after cleaning my face with makeup remover and Maxon soft white facial wash. It's light beige cream has a powdery scent and fine creamy texture. It gives an natural glow on my face with a smooth finish.

You won't instantly see the lightening effect in few days but after using it for couple of weeks, it indeed shows a big difference on my skin tone. Well, especially on my tan lines. What I personally love about this product is that it gives an even skin tone and gradually makes my skin lighter.

The first photo on the left was taken 2 weeks ago before I started using Maxon facial wash and cream. The photo on the right was taken a day before I posted this article.

Hydramax Lip Balm

I'll admit it, this is my favorite among the 3 products I got. It moisturizes my lips the whole day. It's a perfect prep just before using matte lipstick and it definitely heals my dry lips within couple of days. This very light yellowish thick gel doesn't really have smell or taste, which is a very big factor for me aside from its good quality. 


In a nutshell

Although I have been using the skin products for only 2 weeks now, there is a visible difference already in the way my skin looks and feels. I would say my skin is brighter and has a natural fresh glow. The result is not instant, but you will see your skin improvement gradually from more than a week of usage on wards.

The facial wash is very gentle. It doesn't cause my skin to irritate at all. But it is not recommended for cleaning your skin with makeup. I suggest that you clean your face with a good makeup remover first then wash it with this because it gives a nice exfoliation, cleaner and softer skin after use.

The lip balm is indeed a life saver for my lips. I totally love it! I'm using it before I go to sleep for an overnight healing and hydration, then I will dub a little amount on my lips the next day, few minutes before putting my matte lipstick and just perfect!

All these products and lots more are available in all leading pharmacies in UAE. You can get a lot more information by visiting www.maxonme.com. The products can also be ordered online from (www.basharashop.com

For my second make-up tutorial video, I chose to show you a simple way on how I usually do my makeup whenever I go to meet friends, go for an unplanned dinner or lunch or even going to office. This is a simple, almost no make-up look that you can surely do in few minutes.

I chose to use clear mascara most of the time because I'm comfortable with it and less eye irritation for me. I also used very light highlighter and illuminator to achieve a dewy fresh look.

Foundation - - - Stay Matte but not Flat - - - NYX
Liquid Illuminator- - - Gleam - - - NYX
Contour / Bronzer - - - Cool Bronzer - - - elf
Loose Powder - - - Marks Spencer
Eye Shadow - - - Neutral Palette - - - I used dark brown and white shades - - - Coastal Scents
Eyeliner Pencil - - - Coffee - - - MAC
EyeBrow Pencil - - - Daiso
Clear Mascara - - - Ever Bilena
Highlighting Palette - - - Bronze Glow #30 - - - Revlon
Lipstick - - - Kate #112 - - - Rimmel London

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of oil when it comes to skin or hair care products. I hate its greasy feeling and with the hot weather here in UAE, well good luck. But then the extreme hot weather here now also causes my hair, skin and even nails to intensely dries. I’ve used different skin moisturizers and hair conditioners, it does helped but it doesn’t last long within the day. My mom, told me to use coconut oil to help heal and hydrates my affected areas, but it is really a big NO for me. Then I read so much good reviews about argan oil so why not give it a try.

Argan oil is a natural and rare golden oil  which comes straight from  the fertile lands of Morocco, from the Argan tree.  Morrocans used argan oil not just for cosmetics purpose but also in their meal. 

I received a bottle of Multi-purpose Argan Oil from IZIL last week and I was so excited to try it and personally experience its wonders. So here's my quick review about it after using IZIL Argan oil for few days.

A small amount of argan oil can go a long way.

To sum it up, using IZIL Multi-purpose Argan Oil is something that I will definitely add to my beauty routine.

Now, the question is, why did I choose IZIL brand? Well, nowadays there are so many retailers of argan oil since it is the hype. But choosing a brand that specialized in doing product mainly with pure argan oil is where IZIL stands out. Coming from its name IZIL which means "pure" in Berber language, you can surely expect an all-natural product. Yes, it is a little expensive but based on my experience, it is worth every penny.

To know more about IZIL products, you may visit their website and stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Have you guys tried ARGAN oil before or products infused with argan oil? What are your thoughts on this?

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