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Well, I'm a bit camera shy so I am not sure if I will be confident enough to speak in front of the camera anytime soon.

Foundation - - - Stay Matte but not Flat - - - NYX
Foundation / Concealer - - - Stay Matte - - - Rimmel London
Contour - - - Fit Me - - - Maybelline
Contour / Bronzer - - - Cool Bronzer - - - elf
Loose Powder - - - Marks & Spencer
Eye Shadow - - - Neutral Palette - - - I used bronzy dark brown and white shades - - - Coastal Scents
Eyeliner Pen - - - Deborah Milano
EyeBrow Pencil - - - Daiso
False Eyelashases - - - Daiso
Mascara - - - Scandal Eyes Retro Glam - - - Rimmel London
Lipstick - - - Satin Captive - - - MAC

I received a small bag of goodies from The Camel Soap Factory last week and I was so excited to try something new for my skin. With all the chemically processed products that I usually use, it will be a breath of fresh air for my skin to have a natural cleansing experience.

I have sensitive skin and I'm finding it more and more products that are too harsh to use on a daily basis. With a little research, I found out that camel milk contains vital immune properties and is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids for softening the skin, keeping it supple, smooth and preventing wrinkles; it contains more proteins, vitamins, and minerals than any other type of milk; and it also contains natural antibacterial and helps to heal infections. There are so many good components of camel milk that can highly benefit our skin. You may find more details about camel milk soap through The Camel Soap Factory website. I have read that they used a natural handmade process to get a pure and unique soap.

The camel milk soaps come in a range of scents. What I got were, Castile Soap in Sweet lemon scent, Luxury Oriental Soap in Oud scent, and Unscented Face bar soap.

The oud and sweet lemon soap smelt quite obvious but once I had it lathered up and on my face though, the strong smell fades fairly quickly too. I’ve alternately used each soap and I personally like the sweet lemon scent and unscented face bar soap for my face. I used the oud scent on my body for a quick night shower and it did the same smooth and soft effect all-over my body.

I rubbed the soap with plain warm water in my hands and on to my face. After it's washed off, my skin feels really soft and moisturized, definitely no tightness in my face at all. I’ve been using it for few days now on my face and it is fantastic for gentle exfoliation and the softness of my skin doesn't disappear as the day goes on. It indeed shows significance in how smooth my skin feels.

With their delicately handcrafted soap that are truly award-wining, The Camel Soap Factory definitely redefines the essentials of staying beautiful, simple and promotes healthy skin.

Have you tried any beauty products derived from camel milk? Can you share some feedback on you experience? 

The Camel Soap Factory LLC
P O Box 391584, Dubai
United Arab Emirates               
Office: +971 4 393 1312

Tip #1: Erase traces of winter 
Skin is still dull from winter so a good peel treatment to remove dead skin is a good start for a fresh summer. Just be careful not to overdo this treatment because skin becomes sensitive and might cause skin breakage.

Tip #2: Protect your skin 
Without sunscreen, skin becomes damaged and gets brown spots. Skin products with good amount of SPF can go a long way to protect us from the harmful sunlight.  

Tip #3: Lighten up 
One way to avoid problems with makeup in hot weather is to minimize what you use. You probably won´t need as much as you would wear in cooler weather and the less that you wear, the less there is to keep fresh. So make your summer routine a simple one. 

Tip #4: Clean and moisturize 
At the end of the day, the best way to maintain the shimmer and fresh glow is to clean and moisturize our skin. With all the cream, sweat and dirt beating the summer heat, our skin definitely deserves to rest. And by resting, it means to clean and a good moisturizer can sure pamper our skin.

Tip #5: Quench your thirst and eat fresh 
Stay hydrated all day. So what do we need is WATER! Snack up some fresh fruits and include veggies in your meal. Good food and lots of water will keep up energize and fresh the whole summer. 

Tip #6: Stay happy for a healthy beautiful you!

Here are my ready-to-go products this summer that keeps me fresh all day.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face is a sunscreen with SPF30 that I thinly apply on my face. I usually finish it off with a loose powder few minutes after applying it to avoid oiliness.

Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh Spray is a body sunscreen which I really love. Its continuous spray action that evenly spread the mist to protect my skin is really very easy to apply. It is non-greasy and doesn't feel heavy on my skin.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray is just perfect to refresh my skin. It is a cooling mist that freshen up my skin whenever the weather is too hot. 

Rimmel London STay Blushed Cheek tint is a very practical way for me to maintain my cheeks' rosy glow. Just a very light touch of it can go a long way .
Flexitol lip balm is very helpful for me especially for my dry lips. Just a thin layer of it can hydrate and moisturize my lips for hours.

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