Planning our Singapore Trip 2016 :)

I love to travel! And every time we plan to go home to Philippines (from Abu Dhabi), we always grab the chance to do a connecting flight to a neighboring country. This time we are heading to Singapore! Although my husband enjoys travelling, he's not very much fond of the planning stage. I have to do the planning then discuss it to him before finalizing.

My travel planning includes itineraries, budget and ways on how to get to our destination.

Singapore is very easy to roam around especially to first time out-of-country travelers. They have easy to understand MRT system, while if you take taxi, drivers are fluent in English.

Mr. GOOGLE was, of course a big help in doing the planning. Also, asking friends and relatives for tips are very helpful. Below are the things I consider and tips before finalizing my travel plan:

  • List down all the places you want to visit.
  • Note the entrance ticket price next to each spot you want to visit.
  • Note down also the address and opening and closing timings. 
  • Download the MRT offline map application on your mobile.
  • Download the Singapore offline map application on your mobile. (Make sure it is updated at least a day before your flight.)
  • Download Rome2rio app (needs internet connection)
  • Keep a photo map on your mobile.
  • Note on your itinerary planner the ways on how to reach your destination. (ex. by taxi, by MRT or by walking)
  • Take note of the time when to reach to your destination and until what time you should be there.
  • I also note down the food I should try ;)
  • Read travel blogs or watch vlogs to have an idea of your travel.
Below is my detailed planning. You may use these or add some more places. There are more places you can add on my listings but since these are our priorities, we only focus on these places. You should also consider the weather in planning. Since March was hot season in Singapore, it was difficult for us to roam around outside for a long time.

In finalizing the itinerary, you should group your places to visit according to their location. As much as possible all places that you want to visit in a day should be in one area or just few minutes away. Also, consider your interest and budget before finalizing your travel plan.

Choosing a hotel    
In choosing our hotel whenever we travel, we usually consider the location. We chose Marrison Hotel in Bugis since it is very near to MRT station and it is the boundary of connecting lines of the MRT. Also, for a food junkie, Bugis is the place to be.

Approximate budget for 4 days for 2 persons:
Singapore tourist pass plus card (Unlimited use for 3 days + free access to Alive Museum) = SGD 76.00
Hotel Marrison Hotel (Breakfast Included) = SGD 330.00
Food [(SGD10 x 2 persons)*(3 times a day)*(3.5 days)] = SGD 210.00
Taxi fare (Average of SGD15 in one way) = SGD 60.00
Universal Studios (SGD74x2) = SGD 148.00
Trick Eye Museum (SGD25x2) = SGD 50.00
Singapore Flyers at Raffles Avenue (SGD33x2) = SGD 66.00
Shopping + other allowances = SGD 300.00
TOTAL =                           SGD 1,240.00

* The approximate budget was based on the rate of expenses from our recent vacation in Singapore (March 2016). You may be able to save or spend more than this depending on your spending capacity. For us, we spend more in food than doing shopping. You may also save more if you maximize the use of your MRT card or by walking, than using taxi. But since we are lazy and the weather wasn't so friendly to my asthma, we used taxi for transportation.

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