Vaseline Continuous Spray Moisturizer Review


I am obsessed with this stuff! It moisturize my skin because I easily get dry skin for being in a air-conditioned room all day; however, I am also on the go and I want something I can just spray on and get dressed. So easy to apply and light to use on your skin. It absorbs fast and doesn't have too strong smell. The price is a bit high for the size, but since there's a nice discount at a local store for Cocoa Radiant variant, I decide to have a try.

The spray bottle looks just like a deodorant bottle. When you press the nozzle, the lotion dispensed a continuous thin mist of white fluid.  The texture of the lotion is thinner than the regular Vaseline lotions, but still creamy enough to be moisturizing. After it is sprayed, you only need to rub it in a couple of times.

I highly recommend this spray for on-the-go girls like me, who doesn't have much time to put on greasy lotion and and takes extra effort and time to evenly apply it all over your body. Although a bit pricey, I guess it is still worth it.

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