Quick Office Makeup Look


Doing my makeup in the morning is really something I struggle everyday. Yes, I'm so lazy to wake up early that I have to be skillful enough to do my daily fix as quick as possible. I just normally put on BB cream, do my perfectly arched eyebrows and lipstick, and that's it! But today, since I woke up a little early, I had sometime to add up little colors on my face than the usual.

On my clean face, I put on moisturizer. After few minutes, I put on evenly BB Cream all over my face and a little on my neck. I've brushed on a little powder to cover shiny effect on my skin. I've brushed on a little contouring powder on my cheekbones, jawlines and nose lines. And a added a little rosy shade on my cheeks.

For my eyes, I've worked on with my brows using brown and dark brown pencil shades; then for my eyeshadow, I put on a shimmer of very light pink (H&M) as base and dark brown shade on the outer corners and on the crease of my eyes to achieve a soft smoky effect. Before putting on my mascara, I've sprayed first a setting spray on my face - for a lasting makeup. Putting on the setting spray first before 

To finish up my makeup look, I've used a dark fuchsia shade on my lips. Yeah, gorgeous! :)

Ponds - BB Cream - Beige
M.A.C. - Eye Shadow - Brown Down
H&M - Smoky Eyeshadow
NYX - Matte Finish Setting Spray
Daiso Japan - Eye brow pencil - brow and dark brown shade
e.l.f. Cosmetics - Cool Bronzer
Rimmel London - ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara
Rimmel London - Lipstick - Cutting edge (#120)

Office lighting was OK, but my first photo above has a better lighting from my vanity table ;) lol 

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