Adidas Originals Stan Smith

This is a pair of footwear that is certainly must have. They're pretty comfortable, the soles are pretty flat so I inserted silicone arch under my heels for support.

I'm not OOTD (outfit of the day) kind of girl, although I work for a fashion company, I'm not so kinky when it comes to dress-up. I'm more MUOTD (make up of the day) but since it's currently in trend and I guess having such classic sneakers is a smart thing to keep. Besides, wearing these shoes can be paired with shorts, jeans or even dress.

I've only worn mine for few times; the first time I wore them was in office, and the funny thing is that my boss was wearing exactly the same. Yes, we ended up like we were modeling Stan Smith sneakers for the day.

It was a bit difficult to find it at the moment since like what I've said, it is currently the trend, so everyone wants it. Fortunately, I found it in Adidas Factory Outlet here in Abu Dhabi, and I've got the last pair of my size. They were selling it like hotcakes! Well, lucky me, I got mine ;)

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