Coffee Addict? No, I'm NOT!

Yes, I'm not a coffee addict, but I sure love coffee ;)
I'm not a coffee expert either so I really don't have much idea about the compositions of different flavours. I just usually get plain coffee or cappuccino (hot or cold).
People usually drink coffee to stay awake but not for me. I feel sleepy after I had a shot of it. Well, I don't know the science behind it, I just feel really sleepy.

How about you? Does it make you awake and high, or like me, that makes you feel sleepy? Let me know ;)

Starbucks plain Cappuccino while on my way to office. 

Tim Horton's Plain Cappuccino on my way home after a quick late night date with hubby.

Caramel Latte Frappe :) #happiness

Costa Cappuccino while in a hotel lounge.

Mc Cafe to-go after a Friday breakfast date with hubby.

Mugg & Bean Vanilla Cappuccino.

And the best of all, coffee that my husband made with love  ;)

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