Yes, I know, it's a little too early... But doing DIY card needs time in preparation and creating good mood to make sure that you will achieve the best work of art especially for your loved ones.

First of all, this DIY was not something I originally created, with the help of internet and generous bloggers who patiently detailed their step-by-step work, they made it easy for me to do my DIY infinity card.

My creation was very simple compare to what they've done ;) well, but not bad for first timer. Anyways, since I'm not very good in detailing technical procedures, I will just share with you the blogsite where I got the instructions. Thanks to Nadine of Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice  :)

Yep, a little too chessy ;) It's for Valentine's anyway.

Have you done something DIY for your loved ones? Share it with me :)

Being Kikay often quoted as 'high-maintenance' girl. Well, not everyone! Modern kikays are smart enough to try and search for affordable and as effective as big-brand beauty products. Although, we do not compromise the quality of products we use, we always make sure that maintaining nice, glowing skin; fine, soft lips; perfectly polished nails; and pretty make-ups, will not make us broke.

Drugstore beauty products and personal care are every girls saving grace when it comes to availability and affordable prices. Some good quality products are just there as well - you just have to know where to look. As for me, I read reviews and ask for recommendations first before buying. It helps me to decide somehow. Although the best thing is to try the products first if it really works for you. I do spend with expensive brands as well especially for my skin because it is very sensitive. But experimenting and trying something new might just be very helpful to find better products, affordable price and more options.

Below are some of essential things I'm using and might also works for you. Some are a little expensive but really works and some are very affordable but makes real magic. ;)

My husband bought it online in These are very cheap yet very helpful in creating a very clean finishing of your foundation. Especially if you have very visible pores like me ;)

Another baby. This is very useful in cleaning makeup brushes. The smaller knobs on the top are used for foaming and lathering. It is also ideal for cleaning smaller brushes. While the grooves on bottom are used to clean the bristles just enough to release the brushes dirt without stripping them.

I was looking for a good facial cleanser when a pinay kabayan assisted me and recommended this. Well, I have just used it for couple of days and it was indeed very good for my sensitive skin. It is also very useful in removing makeup and a good face toner.

Orogold is a bit expensive but definitely worth every penny. For deep facial cleansing, I totally recommend this 24K deep peeling cream. I've been using this for few weeks now and it purifies and cleanses the deepest pores of my skin.

I've been using Olay as face moisturizer for years now, and it never fails to amaze me in maintaining my face firm and glowing everyday.

This lip balm definitely helps me a lot especially in this country (UAE) where weather is always in its extreme. I apply it at night and lightly scrub my lips in the morning to exfoliate it. Then I will also apply a very small amount in the morning few minutes before I apply my lipstick.

Dry cuticles were my problem for few weeks now and this drugstore product just helps me in an instant! Well, I don't often go to salon for nail cleaning and polish, so I have to find ways to personally take care of my nails :)

My nails are quite sensitive. Doing the dishes and the laundry makes it brittle and weak. I have used this last weekend and it sure protect my nails. Cracks were very less now and my nails doesn't easily bend as before.
Yes, I'm not a coffee addict, but I sure love coffee ;)
I'm not a coffee expert either so I really don't have much idea about the compositions of different flavours. I just usually get plain coffee or cappuccino (hot or cold).
People usually drink coffee to stay awake but not for me. I feel sleepy after I had a shot of it. Well, I don't know the science behind it, I just feel really sleepy.

How about you? Does it make you awake and high, or like me, that makes you feel sleepy? Let me know ;)

Starbucks plain Cappuccino while on my way to office. 

Tim Horton's Plain Cappuccino on my way home after a quick late night date with hubby.

Caramel Latte Frappe :) #happiness

Costa Cappuccino while in a hotel lounge.

Mc Cafe to-go after a Friday breakfast date with hubby.

Mugg & Bean Vanilla Cappuccino.

And the best of all, coffee that my husband made with love  ;)

Here are some gifts that I got last Christmas 2015. I soooo love receiving gifts... Lol.
Well, who doesn't ;) 

Benefit Cosmetics Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek kit ♥♥♥

Nine West bags ♥♥♥ from my loving husband.

Flormar Cosmetics ♥♥♥ from my loving husband too.

Soothing Body Wrap. Yes, I definitely need this!

Inflatable chair.

Cute drinking jar with straw. 

A set of pretty glasses. 

Oh, I love opening presents! Well, but not as much as my husband who's always excited to open even his own gifts for me ;)
Christmas is sometimes remembered as a day of gift-giving and gift-receiving, especially for kids. It is indeed a wonderful time of the year, but let us not forget the true essence of this day - "Being Selfless" in loving, giving, helping and to every aspect.

I'm deeply thankful for all these lovely gifts I received and for the effort of the people who gave these, especially to my husband who never feel ashamed of buying makeups and kikays for me.
Love you all!!! ♥♥♥

Yes, it is Tuesday and I have to wake up early to call in the Philippines for doctor's appointment (Philippines is 4 hours ahead). I called Makati Medical Center and request for an appointment to an ophthalmologist for my mom. She had a blood clot in her left eye for few days now that caused it to be temporarily blind. According to the eye doctor in Bulacan from her initial check-up, if her condition won't be treated as soon as possible, she might be permanently blind :(

So I called in Dr. Edward's clinic in Makati Med. to book for the next day sched and spoke with her secretary, Ms. Irene. She said that they don't do bookings and they just normally attend to walk-ins. First come, first serve basis. I told her that I am calling overseas and my mom will be coming from Bulacan and her situation is an emergency. Ms. Irene was courteous and assisted me very patiently. She asked details about my mom and noted my mom's name and promised me that she will personally assist them when they reached Dr. Edward's clinic. I just felt very thankful that at this time of distress, I heard a voice of assurance and care that somehow eased my worries.

I am also very thankful that my aunt was there with my parents to help and assist them with all the medical procedures and check-ups.

I was not able to sleep properly because I knew my mom's situation since yesterday. I think that I only fell asleep at around 2 a.m. and woke up at 5 a.m. so I can call early in the hospital. Then I couldn't sleep after the phone call. I prepared breakfast - which was my first time to do during work days. Well, I don't know if my husband was happy about it because he is not really an early-early-breakfast-person specially on work days. He had to drop me to my office and since it was very early, our office was still closed and I have to wait for 15 minutes outside.

Well, I am not sure If challenging 2016 from my last post was very wise, but then again, I am sure that this struggle we are experiencing today will come out alright. Prayers are much needed for a good result for my mom's eye.

Breakfast!!! :)

I made this video last mother's day.

This was taken last Dec.31 in my lola's home.

My mom and dad waving goodbye after our skype video chat last Dec.31.