Christmas 2015 - - - Give A Gift Christmas Project


Our Christmas this year was a little sad compare from the past 2 years. We were in the Philippines back then and truly, spending Christmas with family is definitely happier. Fortunately, having good friends to celebrate Christmas here in UAE this year made us feel at home :)

Also, it is our annual project to facilitate a Gift-Giving day to kids from squatters area near our hometown in the Philippines every December 23. Our mission is to give smile to children by gift giving and a simple party before Christmas. The money and the gifts were not just from us but mostly were donations from our friends in Canada, USA, UAE and Philippines. My cousins and there friends spearheaded the event and it was a success.

Seeing these kids happy truly defines the spirit of Christmas! I am also very grateful to all who share their blessings. It was indeed a wonderful feeling that sharing a part of our blessings to the needy and for a good cause is the best way we can give back and thank the Lord, not just on Christmas but everyday of the year.

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