I was in the mood to do extra effort with my make-up today :) I used 3 shades in my eye shadow. Off white, golden brown and dark cocoa brown, all in matte. And to add a little drama, I used a classic lightly winged eyeliner and mascara.
A simple act of sweetness is something I always value. Sometimes those are the ones I truly remembered and reminds me, how much my husband loves me.

A special late lunch office delivery by my husband ;)

He insisted that we visit a specialty baking supplies shop so I can check their stuffs. We waited for 2 hours at the parking for the shop to open. It was Ramadan so the timing is quite unpredictable although they put a note that they will open at 8 pm.

After I cooked our dinned, he prep the table and found this :)

I was not feeling well and since I cannot take medications, he made me this.

I just know exactly what I want :)

There plenty more to post here but it will take me tons of thing to write about his special efforts. Well, I will just write about it anytime soon ;)
Sharin' my lippy photos from last International Lipstick day 2015 ;)

I just got these new babies from my husband. Yes! you read it right. He knows my shades :) 

These are Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm :)

(from top to bottom) #215 Shameless, #225 Sultry, #250Standout