I'm Sorry

Just this morning while my husband and I were in our respective offices, I sent him a message saying I miss him and I just want to hug him the whole day even if I'm always being grumpy :)
Well, he replied that I was indeed ill-tempered these past days.

Yes, that's how I apologize usually. I make lambing (show affection). I rarely say "I'm sorry" which I know is wrong but for me, as long as I admit my mistakes, it may be in other ways or words, and make sure that I will try my best not to do the same mistake again, I guess that's what really matters. In my case, I also confess that it is really difficult for me not to be so masungit, especially when the red flag is about to approach ;)

***In a nutshell: Saying "I'm sorry" right after an argument, whether it is your fault or not, is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a brave gesture of acknowledging your mistake and that you make an effort to make things ok. But saying isn't enough of course, you have to discuss and take responsibility that such mistake should not be done again. And with God's guidance a good communication is always the key to a healthy relationship.

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