Eyebrows Shaping

There are different ways on how to shape and clean unwanted hair around you eyebrows. Some do threading, plucking and some use razor. I used to pluck my brows but then I learned that using a razor is much easier and painless.

Here's a quick way on how I do it :)

1. Put a very small amount of moisturizer around your brows.
2. Using eyebrow pencil, line a perfect arched brows and lightly fill the the center brows.
3. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the color of the pencil to your natural brows.
4. Using razor, clean up stray hairs outside your lined brows.

After doing these techniques, your brows will be properly trimmed and shaped even without make-up.

I still pluck at times but the problem, well aside from it's painful, is that I sometimes over plucked and my brows ended up very thin :(

I do my brows razor-shaping at least twice a week. And like plucking, razor-shaping is also a bit addicting, so just keep it under control.

Even if I do my brows pencil shaping everyday, there were days that I still couldn't get it right on my first try. So make sure that you did a perfect brow pencil shape before cleaning unwanted hair around your brows with razor. 

Here's how I do it. :)

This razor is what I use to shape my brows :)

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