We are lucky to be visited by the image of the Divine Mercy that was facilitated by the group called Heartlifters here in Abu Dhabi. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena for nine days. And for that nine days, the Lord clearly tapped me and reminds me that I should always me hopeful and that worries should have are no place in my head as long as I trust in HIM.

with the Heartlifters

We've been married for almost 6 years and still waiting to be blessed with a little angel. So as a makulet na couple, we love doing activities together. Yes, we are besties, partner in crimes, dynamic duo, whatever you call it, we just love spending time together. I guess this is one of the ways how we spice up our relationship. Doing fun activities together, with or without kiddos yet. I always believe that spending fun-time as a couple rekindles the excitement of your marriage.

Fishing time!

Doing craft togather

Movie date

Desert trip

Road trip

One of our favorites - The happiest place on earth! :)

Dubai moments

Underwater selfie

Swimming time

Surprise flowers :)

Date night

Food trip :) our favorite!

Photo maniac

Selfie addict

My favorite is our effort of scaring each other ;)

I'm not a morning person and I usually struggle to get-up early to do my daily routine before heading to office. But doing a quick make-up at home is essential for me because that is where my comfort zone (with my vanity table) of kikay thingy. I rarely retouch my make-up in the office so I really have to take time to look good in the morning and last till almost after lunch :)

Moisturizer, a thin layer of powder, a good shaped eyebrows and lipstick are the basics of my normal day make-up, but for office fix, I usually take time to add neutral colored eye shadow, mascara, BB cream, and cheek blush.

Just this morning while my husband and I were in our respective offices, I sent him a message saying I miss him and I just want to hug him the whole day even if I'm always being grumpy :)
Well, he replied that I was indeed ill-tempered these past days.

Yes, that's how I apologize usually. I make lambing (show affection). I rarely say "I'm sorry" which I know is wrong but for me, as long as I admit my mistakes, it may be in other ways or words, and make sure that I will try my best not to do the same mistake again, I guess that's what really matters. In my case, I also confess that it is really difficult for me not to be so masungit, especially when the red flag is about to approach ;)

***In a nutshell: Saying "I'm sorry" right after an argument, whether it is your fault or not, is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a brave gesture of acknowledging your mistake and that you make an effort to make things ok. But saying isn't enough of course, you have to discuss and take responsibility that such mistake should not be done again. And with God's guidance a good communication is always the key to a healthy relationship.

3 days off for me and 2 days off for him. Not bad!!! An extra day to rest for both of us. Unlike the usual EID holidays, we didn't plan any outdoor activities or a road trip. We were both sick and needed to rest. So, not to be bored the whole weekend, we just spent our time doing quality time within our room ;) We had some drinks, movie marathon and cuddling time together. I made some creative fondant designs with my new fondant moulds and we had breakfast in McDo (one of our favorite QT).


He's not so happy because he said that he looks so haggard ;)

There are different ways on how to shape and clean unwanted hair around you eyebrows. Some do threading, plucking and some use razor. I used to pluck my brows but then I learned that using a razor is much easier and painless.

Here's a quick way on how I do it :)

1. Put a very small amount of moisturizer around your brows.
2. Using eyebrow pencil, line a perfect arched brows and lightly fill the the center brows.
3. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the color of the pencil to your natural brows.
4. Using razor, clean up stray hairs outside your lined brows.

After doing these techniques, your brows will be properly trimmed and shaped even without make-up.

I still pluck at times but the problem, well aside from it's painful, is that I sometimes over plucked and my brows ended up very thin :(

I do my brows razor-shaping at least twice a week. And like plucking, razor-shaping is also a bit addicting, so just keep it under control.

Even if I do my brows pencil shaping everyday, there were days that I still couldn't get it right on my first try. So make sure that you did a perfect brow pencil shape before cleaning unwanted hair around your brows with razor. 

Here's how I do it. :)

This razor is what I use to shape my brows :)

I am not an expert but whenever my friends asked me what to do during a marriage conflict or whenever they are both stressed about anything, I simply tell them pray, talk, love, eat and getaway! Yes, I typed it in sequence. Pray - I always ask guidance to God in everything. Talk - As I am sure that I have the proper guidance of the Lord, I already have the confidence of communicating to my husband to discuss our problem or whatever is bothering me. Love - Most of the time whenever we have arguments it does matter to figure out who's fault it is but also because of love we accept things no matter what they did as long as they recognize their mistake; and also because of this, it reminds us the reason why are we in this position in the first place. Eat and Getaway! - these two might not really be something essential but these are good ways to rekindle the excitement of being a couple. A simple dinner, in a restaurant or home-cooked, it doesn't really matter where, but the setting of the mood should always be something special. Getaway to anywhere - park, beach or anywhere you think romantic that he or she will appreciate and have time with you.

From the past weeks that I was very stressed from work, family back in the Philippines and so much about everything else, my husband surprised me last weekend for 2 nights hotel stay within Abu Dhabi but far from the busy lights of the city. Just perfect ambiance to relax. 

My husband knows exactly what I need and it definitely relieved me temporarily from all the stress. We stayed in Novotel Hotel in Abu Dhabi gate with inclusive breakfast for two. It is a 4-star hotel and a great value for money. Below are some photos of us, the breath-taking view outside our room and of course the food :)

My honey enjoying his breakfast :)

My hon's selfie underwater scene :) (he used Fujifilm X70)

***In a nutshell: As for me, couples should always spend time exclusively together at least once a month. A date night, a walk in the park, watch the sunset, or whatever you will both enjoy together. Also, both should be sensitive enough to feel if your partner is going through something. It could be about your relationship with one another or if he or she is stressed-out with something else. Always take time to ask how's his/her day and listen to whatever he/she wants to express. Respond sensitively. A hug is always effective way to comfort, and assure him/her that everything will be alright. You are partners for life and you should always be best friends as well. Enjoy life together!