Keep Calm and Snap on :)


Kind of addict to have more cameras :)
I know it is an expensive collection so I really try to convince myself that it is not practical :(
But, but, but..... Ok.... But another one or two won't really hurt, I guess :)
Well, most of these were gifts from my husband...
I love photography but not really a pro. I just love cameras, that I'm sure of!

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  1. Hi Ate Michelle, I am actually looking for a dependable digicam that would allow me to take nice photos. Hindi kasi portable ang SLR. Ok ba yung Samsung galaxy?

    1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. As of now my favorite is my Fujifilm X70. It has a very good resolution for photo and video, water-proof (very good for underwater photos) and easy photo transfer to PC or even to smartphones. :) Well of course very portable too :)

      Mejo bulky p din ung Samsung galaxy. Not so good resolution din but it's nice for editing and apps. Parang mobile lang :)