2015 was indeed full of learnings, blessings, down moments and happiness. May 2016 brings more of these, well except the down moments I hope ;)

So 2016, bring it on!!!!


DIY shattered glass nailart. I just used a normal black nail polish and a small uneven cuts of nailart metallic cellophane and  a clear top coat :)

  1. Clean you nails and remove cuticles.
  2. Put 2 coats of black nail polish on one nail.
  3. While still wet, put  the metallic cellophane cutouts on top. Lightly press it using a toothpick.
  4. Do the same on each nails.
  5. Put clear top coat twice to protect the cellophane from peeling off.
  6. Let it dry.

Our Christmas this year was a little sad compare from the past 2 years. We were in the Philippines back then and truly, spending Christmas with family is definitely happier. Fortunately, having good friends to celebrate Christmas here in UAE this year made us feel at home :)

Also, it is our annual project to facilitate a Gift-Giving day to kids from squatters area near our hometown in the Philippines every December 23. Our mission is to give smile to children by gift giving and a simple party before Christmas. The money and the gifts were not just from us but mostly were donations from our friends in Canada, USA, UAE and Philippines. My cousins and there friends spearheaded the event and it was a success.

Seeing these kids happy truly defines the spirit of Christmas! I am also very grateful to all who share their blessings. It was indeed a wonderful feeling that sharing a part of our blessings to the needy and for a good cause is the best way we can give back and thank the Lord, not just on Christmas but everyday of the year.

We had a chance to visit Dubai from the recent holidays couple of weeks back. So, for a quick itinerary, we included Global village, Dubai Mall and Dragon Mart.

Here are some photos from our recent road trip :)

From all the food stalls representing different countries, we still chose our very own ;)

Kwek-kwek, tukneneng and Goto :) yum!

New babies and kikay fix :)

I couldn't afford LV bag but I can definitely afford these :)

Halloween make-up ;)

We have 'Kulet' (our car's name) for almost 7 months and we haven't tried road trippin' out of Abu Dhabi. We had our chance to do a 2-day road trip itinerary from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain to Dubai and back to Abu Dhabi during the holidays. We didn't go much around because Dubai is such a busy road during holidays and we do not want to be caught in traffic.

We left Abu Dhabi around 6 in the morning and we reached Green Mubazarrah Park in Al Ain at 8:00 a.m. We had breakfast there and rested for couple of hours. We left at 9:30 in Al Ain and reached our hotel in Dubai around 11:00 a.m. We have to wait for an hour to be checked-in. As road trip first timers we felt tired and decided to rest. We had lunch (left over from breakfast), slept for 3 hours (yes, that's how exhausted we were) and go back to road at 4:00 p.m. We went to Dragon Mart and spent the rest of the afternoon till evening there.

The next day was more relaxing. We had our late buffet breakfast in the hotel and checked out at noon. Our last spot was in Outlet Mall. We left there at 4:00 p.m and reached home in Abu Dhabi at 6:30.

I was in the mood to do extra effort with my make-up today :) I used 3 shades in my eye shadow. Off white, golden brown and dark cocoa brown, all in matte. And to add a little drama, I used a classic lightly winged eyeliner and mascara.
A simple act of sweetness is something I always value. Sometimes those are the ones I truly remembered and reminds me, how much my husband loves me.

A special late lunch office delivery by my husband ;)

He insisted that we visit a specialty baking supplies shop so I can check their stuffs. We waited for 2 hours at the parking for the shop to open. It was Ramadan so the timing is quite unpredictable although they put a note that they will open at 8 pm.

After I cooked our dinned, he prep the table and found this :)

I was not feeling well and since I cannot take medications, he made me this.

I just know exactly what I want :)

There plenty more to post here but it will take me tons of thing to write about his special efforts. Well, I will just write about it anytime soon ;)
Sharin' my lippy photos from last International Lipstick day 2015 ;)

I just got these new babies from my husband. Yes! you read it right. He knows my shades :) 

These are Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm :)

(from top to bottom) #215 Shameless, #225 Sultry, #250Standout

We are lucky to be visited by the image of the Divine Mercy that was facilitated by the group called Heartlifters here in Abu Dhabi. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena for nine days. And for that nine days, the Lord clearly tapped me and reminds me that I should always me hopeful and that worries should have are no place in my head as long as I trust in HIM.

with the Heartlifters

We've been married for almost 6 years and still waiting to be blessed with a little angel. So as a makulet na couple, we love doing activities together. Yes, we are besties, partner in crimes, dynamic duo, whatever you call it, we just love spending time together. I guess this is one of the ways how we spice up our relationship. Doing fun activities together, with or without kiddos yet. I always believe that spending fun-time as a couple rekindles the excitement of your marriage.

Fishing time!

Doing craft togather

Movie date

Desert trip

Road trip

One of our favorites - The happiest place on earth! :)

Dubai moments

Underwater selfie

Swimming time

Surprise flowers :)

Date night

Food trip :) our favorite!

Photo maniac

Selfie addict

My favorite is our effort of scaring each other ;)