Lately I've been experiencing depression and anxiety. I have discussed this with my husband so that in case I am causing him some troubles, especially with my extreme emotions, somehow he can handle it. Well, it's not new to him though. I have felt this several times and I just told him that I will conquer it but requested him to be patient in some situations.

Yeah, I've always been strong and there are times I feel so down, confused, disappointed and pissed off with my life. I felt that I haven't done so much for myself which I deserve. I don't even know how to explain this kind of feeling....

As much as I would like to discuss this emotions to anyone else, I am just afraid that they will not understand and tell me that I am just over thinking. Well, I get that all the time. I've heard that most of the time. I over think, I worry too much, and that I'm a control freak. I guess I am, but I just have this something inside me that is bursting to come out, to explore, to do something ,,,,to travel, to have a career change,,, I don't know :(

I told myself and promised my husband that I will figure this out. I don't know how but I am sure that I can fix it.

We did some prenuptial shoots for my brother and it was a great timing that the infamous Dubai Miracle Garden just opened that week :) ....  It was a perfect weather! Although they are the topic of the shoot, well, my husband and I will definitely not miss this chance to have our moments as well ;)