This is really it!!! :) Well, this was not actually our first time to travel other than Philippines and UAE, but this was our first well-planned out of country tour. So, why HK? Simply because it's on our way home to Philippines for a month of vacation! (Yeah! After four long years....)

To start off, our journey started after we landed Hong Kong International Airport. Very clean and big airport. So be very keen in reading signs on where you should go. After, passing through the immigration, of course, do not forget to take your luggage then find your way out. You will see signs on where you should go, if thru train or taxi/bus. We took the way out thru Airport Express MTR (train) since it is faster there and cheaper.

MTR is such a very helpful transportation in almost anywhere in Hong Kong. Do not be afraid to be lost since it is very easy to understand. I also suggest you to buy from the airport an octopus card

OK, now here are few pics inside our hotel, Metro Park Mongkok, which we booked thru What we mainly like about this hotel is that it is just a minute away from Prince Edward MTR Station and has many restaurants and convenient stores surrounding it. Though the room itself is quite small, it is neat and very good enough to stay. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I requested for extra pillows and they instantly send it in our room.

The view outside our room isn't very appealing but it doesn't really matter. Only one major issue that I really dislike about our room is that I found a bedbug the day before we left. And that really made me a little frantic since I had a very traumatizing experience with bedbugs before.

The staff always make sure that we have enough supply of things inside our room, like water, coffee, tea and toiletries. Though I suggest you to buy your own toiletries outside, like, shampoo, soap and toothpaste.

OK, now here are pics on our 1st day of tour. Since we arrived late night on our first day, the next day is our official 1st day :)

It was a bit rainy when we arrived, so my husband decided to secure our Disneyland tour on our first day. We had our breakfast in our hotel room with some bread we bought from 7-Eleven the night before. We left at 7:30 am from the hotel and took an MTR ride going to Disneyland. Yes, we left a little too early for a 9 o'clock opening of Disneyland, but since it will be our first time to travel in Hong Kong, we still don't know what to do or how to go in our destination, so better be early :)


Selfie mode in MTR going to DISNEYLAND! :)

We arrived there at 8:30 am, a little too early for the opening but just enough time to have our pictorial in almost everywhere in the entrance of the park.

Still close at past 9 :(

So happy to have our tickets :)

Just got in at 9:35

Lovely poinsettia on our queue to have a pic with Mickey and Minnie :)

They are the only ones who almost manage to separate us! ;p

And of course with Pluto :)

After some pics, we first had our glimpse of the whole Disneyland thru its railroad in Main St. Station.
foodies :)

You should never miss the parade! It is brilliant!

My happy husband! :)

You will definitely got you LSS (last song syndrome) after this ride :) 

Look who we met will roaming around! Kuya Dick (Roderick Paulate).

Huge and lovely Christmas Tree

I just love this phrase :)

And if you're in Disneyland, never miss this spectacular fireworks! I'll tell you, it almost made me cry. It is indeed magical, worth your money, time and effort to see this event.



Yes, we were in Disneyland the whole day on our first day!

We started our day with cup noodles breakfast that we, again, bought from 7-Eleven. Then we go on our way to Madame Tussauds and Peak Tram at 9:00 am since Madame Tussauds will open at 10:00 am. We stop at Central Station using MTR and few minutes of walking, we reach the Peak Tram Station going to Madame Tussauds.

We finish our The Peak tour around 1:00 pm. After we had our lunch in Mc Donald's a few minutes of rest, we hop on the tram going back to the city.

We rode MTR going to Mongkok Station to check out Ladies Market. Quite a busy place, so always be careful with your belongings. Here are some photos :)

A must-try siomai + tasty siopao + delectable street food on a stick :)

We were about to go on Ngong Ping 360 but it was too foggy to see the scenery so we decided not to go there anymore. We were also about to go in Avenue of Stars that night but since it was raining and my husband was already sick, we just stayed in our hotel and explore some restaurants near our place. I know it was a pity that we didn't manage to maximize our time in exploring Hong Kong. Well, maybe next time, since we know the surroundings and the best month to go. Here are some photos.

I personally love those red slices of hotdog like thing :)

We actually ordered Pepsi :(

You might be wondering how much budget you should bring on your travel. Here are my list of expenses during our vacation. I did not include the air ticket since we didn't pay for it. Anyhow, you can always check the prices online. And of course, you can always use credit card in most of your transactions :)

Octopus Card (MTR card) - HKD 150 x 2 = HKD 300
Octopus Card Recharge - HKD 50 x 2 = HKD 100
Hotel (Metropark Hotel Mongkok) - HKD 3,200 (3 Nights - Dec12-15)
Disneyland - HKD 450 x 2 = HKD 900
Disneyland Souvenirs - HKD 1000 (It depends of course on what you will buy there)
Food + Drinks in Disneyland = HKD 500 (for 2 persons)
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong + Peak Tram Return - HKD 280 x 2 = HKD 560
Ladies Market Budget - HKD 1,000 (It depends of course on what you will buy there)
Food + Drinks - HKD 35 (per meal, including drinks) x 2 heads x 2 a day x 2 days = HKD 280
Food and other minor expenses = HKD 160
Total = HKD 8,000