After the recent earthquake and strong typhoon that hits the Philippines, I am sure that our fellow kababayans who survived will still continue to go on and stand strong a midst the heart breaking and devastating scenes back their in my homeland.

Filipinos have proven enough strength in any situations and in different part of the world, so I am very positive that no earthquake, typhoon or any other calamities can destruct our spirit. Our faith is stronger that any catastrophe.

We Filipinos, from different part of the world, are very much thankful of the help from different countries around the world. Despite the shameful news of how corrupt most of our government officials, other countries didn't hesitate to help our country - yet, same as us, Pinoys, these countries are hopeful and expecting that their donations will reach those who needed it most and not just in the pockets of government officials who wants to take advantage of our country's unfortunate situation.

Everyone is very much welcome to help in any way.

Here are some links on how you can send help to Philippines.
abs-cbn Sagip Kapamilya Foundation
www.abscbnfoundation.org - you can donate here thru PAYPAL
http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate - you can donate here thru PAYPAL

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