Each of us has an obligation to help especially to those who needed it most. The questions is, are we gonna do it?
There is no big or small in defining what help you have given, rather it defines what is true within you. As long as you lend a hand wholeheartedly it doesn't matter how much you have given.

After the recent earthquake and strong typhoon that hits the Philippines, I am sure that our fellow kababayans who survived will still continue to go on and stand strong a midst the heart breaking and devastating scenes back their in my homeland.

Filipinos have proven enough strength in any situations and in different part of the world, so I am very positive that no earthquake, typhoon or any other calamities can destruct our spirit. Our faith is stronger that any catastrophe.

We Filipinos, from different part of the world, are very much thankful of the help from different countries around the world. Despite the shameful news of how corrupt most of our government officials, other countries didn't hesitate to help our country - yet, same as us, Pinoys, these countries are hopeful and expecting that their donations will reach those who needed it most and not just in the pockets of government officials who wants to take advantage of our country's unfortunate situation.

Everyone is very much welcome to help in any way.

Here are some links on how you can send help to Philippines.
abs-cbn Sagip Kapamilya Foundation
www.abscbnfoundation.org - you can donate here thru PAYPAL
http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate - you can donate here thru PAYPAL

Been through this many times... I mean countless times.... In office, with my family and even with my husband.... I have always tried my best to be strong and firm in any situations but sometimes, I guess, walking away does not really mean I am weak or I am afraid...
Maybe, I have tried so hard already and walking away might just be the best option...
Tough time - in the office and personal matters.... Then I realized - - - yeah! I'm TOUGHER! Bring it on!!!!

Lovin' my Kikay kit's new babies! It's some kind of addiction I guess... :)

My husband and I were so busy last months and maybe until the coming months planning for a BIG dayssss... Well, as much I want to share what was it all about, I just can't... I guess I am just so excited about it that somehow I am writing a glimpse of that excitement.... Besides, it was 4 years ago since I've felt the same.

Crossed fingers! :) Hopefully, everything will go smoothly on this planning and on those days.


Another surprise by my husband is my new pasta machine. He knows that I've been wanting to have one for a long time and since it is a bit too costly I opt myself from getting one.

Well he found one that is way too fit for our budget and just right for my basic skills. So without long intro, here is my first try with my new kitchen gadget.

It was such a nice experience to attend a Filipino festival in a foreign hotel here in UAE. It promotes, of course, Filipino food, culture and places in our country.

Since I've won Dhs100 worth of food voucher for the event, plus the entrace was free, we didn't spend any penny for this event :)

It was unfortunate that we didn't able to finish the whole event. Well, here are some snap shots of food and the place :)

A week before my birthday and already found a surprise gift on my bed when I got home from office. I came in our room while my husband is doing the laundry and cooking lunch for us in the kitchen. At first, I didn't notice the big box on our bed since it was covered with our comforter until i was about to lay on our bed. To my surprise, I was not able to say a thing and just burst into tears.

We've been through a lot of rough times these days and I just didn't expect that he'll do such an effort to surprise me. Any way, his gift for me is a stand mixer. I just broke my old mixer and i couldn't bake these past days. He knows how much I love to have a new one and he sure knows how to make me happy.