Review: My April Glambox Products

There are different and so many new products in the market nowadays, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you. Well, it’s good news that with GlamBox you get to try the latest deluxe samples from the finest beauty brands to discover the products you love. GlamBox is UAE’s innovative way to experience the latest skincare, hair products, fragrances and make-up from the unsurpassed brands, in the comfort of your own home.

As promised, here's a review of my first April Glambox.

Let me start with the delivery process which was very punctual according to their declared delivery dates. Also, to make sure that the items will be delivered with quality, Glamistas made used of a very good courier service here in the country.

When it comes to packaging, I would say that it was well presented with a chic pink box and glamorously accented as if I was really opening a very nice gift.

As I've opened my Glambox the contents were as darling as how it was wrapped. ♥

So, without further ado, here's what's inside my new vanity box.

Kelly Van Gogh - Wonderlust Hair Illuminating Tonic
One of my favorites is this hair spray which gives a natural vibrant, fresh scent and a natural detangler to my hair. I love the shiny effect on my hair. It gives a soft feeling and healthier look. Though it was a bit messy because I had some glittery sparkles all over my face, shoulder, arms and even on my toilet floor :) 

Gatineau - White Plan Skin Lightening Serum
This small bottle of serum provides a lighter and reduces uneven skin tone. Since it was very small, I've only used it on some parts of my face, especially on the dark skin under my eyes. It moisturized and give a finer feeling on my skin. :)

Elemis - Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask
I don't usually use anti-aging creams, but out-of curiousty, I used this "wonder cream" for couple of days and it sure has a lifting effect. It hydrates and leaves a smooth feeling on my skin. I know I am still young (*wink) for this kind of product but I guess I should start using this mask as early as now, not just considering my age but also giving a pamper to my stressed skin. This is also, one of my faves :)

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Fragrance
I love the cute capsule bottle. I would say that it has a very sophisticated, feminine and warm scent. It can be used at any time of day, any season and indeed has a long lasting fragrance. Though, personally I would say that this isn't my kind of perfume. Well, it is more like my mom's type of scent. =D

Lancome - Rouge In Love Lipstick #322
yes, these are my lips :)
It has a creamy finish. I love the color but maybe it isn't just my personality to wear a pale shade of lipstick. It is a chic color, perfect for the season and for an everyday make-up. It provides a light and moisturized texture and has the long-wear-time ability to stay on the lips without smudging.


Testing new products is really a fun way to explore what's best for every woman's beauty preference just before buying it in the market. Having a chance to know first my options for such products is a very wise and practical approach in spending money while getting the best brands for myself.

Well, I have just used these products for few days now, but I guess my first Glambox products were really worth a try. Hopefully, next box will be much better though. Also, Glambox should consider their subscribers' beauty profile soon. =D

If you haven’t signed up for Glambox yet, what are YOU waiting for? It’s only AED50 per month and you'll surely enjoy receiving a monthly box of surprises.

I can't wait for my next month's Glambox to come :) #soexcited

So, expect my monthly review about Glambox that I will be receiving each month. Hopefully, my husband will extend my 3-month subscription :) he he he

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