My friend Rochel requested me to create a bridal card for our friend Anne =D

I made used of a French ribbon and Austrian Swarovski for decoration. These were just left-over pieces in my table. He he he =D

After the tragic end of my old chair, I've received my brand new swivel chair today! =D



And it's Valentine's Day...

I've read a funny quote saying that Valentine's day is a time of the year when couples celebrate and the rest to realize that they are single. Well, in a way it is true, but I still believe that being single is a choice. Maybe, I am just one of the many who already found the right one.

Well, I am sure, for couples and singles out there, you will all surely find a way to enjoy this very special day.

a lovely rose from my boss =D

from my honey ♥ ♥ ♥ =D

♥♥♥ another surprise from my honey =D

and this one too ♥♥♥ =D


Yes, it was a bit too early for a Valentine treat for my husband. But since my honey was also sick , I decided to surprise him with my special home-baked  cake this weekend. I really didn't prepare much in baking this so I don't have much ingredients. I just made used of condensed milk and icing sugar for my frosting and topping =D So here it is.....