Being a Premium Club member of Hilton gives us the privilege for a night stay for free in their hotel, a complimentary lunch or dinner in La Terrazza restaurant and 20% discount on spa treatment. Well, of course plus other more stuffs. We've been a member since last year but we only found time to use our complimentary vouchers this weekend, except for the spa, because we didn't manage to have a reservation on the same day of our stay in the hotel. It was OK though, we didn't have enough budget  to spend more for spa.

It was a refreshing experience although it was just overnight. My husband and I really had fun and more time together, especially after being so much busy from work, and I being so exhausted from sickness and stress.

The highlight, of course, was our Food Trippin' for dinner and lunch of the next day during our stay in the hotel. We had a marvelous dinner at La Terrazza where they offer an Asian cuisine theme that Thursday night. The next day we had international cuisine buffet for lunch also at La Terrazza.

The staff of hotel and restaurant were all friendly. I could say that one major factor of having a great stay in a hotel is having a very accomodating staff, aside of course of having good facilities. =D

Here are some glimpse of our weekend threat to ourselves =D

Dessert buffet table =D yum yum

Kung hei fat choi!

Our simple Chinese New Year food =D

Thank God it's Thursday! =D We had a heavy dinner, good movie, night walking and a sweet treat in Dunkin' Donuts. Yeah! I'm Lovin' it.

My honey while enjoying his hot chocolate =D

Thursday - - - last working day in a week here in UAE! Fortunately, we only work halfday today!

I know I haven't been blogging for few weeks now. I recently posted that I was sick and still in the process of recovering. I had so many laboratory test and not so good results. However, I know recovering physically and emotionally with any ailments takes a lot of time and effort. I may not be able to blog as often as before but I will surely be in touch.

Let me start my first post for this year with a quote. A simple yet life changing one....

"Stepping unto the path of making love to yourself is
NOT selfish. It is NOT arrogant. And it most certainly does NOT mean that you
will turn a blind eye to the needs of those around you. Rather, making love to
yourself is the ultimate self-created luxury you will embrace that will gift your life
with abundance, joy, refreshment, invigoration and an epic end to 'THINGS' which
never served you or your most loving interest."
- - - Shevy Cardoza