St. Joseph's Church Christmas Bazaar

Hand-made Christmas tree, decorated by the Church community.

The most visited booth, of course, was the Filipino community where they sell authentic Filipino cuisines. The best selling was pork barbeque. They also sell value meals with rice, paired with menudo and other Pinoy dishes.
You will see lots of couples and group of friends standing everywhere while holding their plates and enjoying their sumptuous food. 

Aside from food booth represented by communities from different nationalities, there were also game booths, medical mission booth, toys and books selling booths.

You will see these balloons everywhere. It was just a bit costly though.

I missed Christmas shopping in Quiapo and Divisoria =( although we've seen lots of similar stores here during the bazaar.

The ever hard-working Filipino volunteers in Pinoy Community booth.

Yes, we have Santa roaming around and posing for photos too =D

The ever madiskarte Pinoys who sell Filipino foods just outside the Church. Yes, it is illegal but you know Pinoys! =P he he he
We bought some tinapa and tocino =D

He he he, our prize in one of the games in the Bazaar. =D

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