Waky's Birthday Bash

It's Waky's Birthday Bash today in the park.

It's his 5th birthday last November 21 but his family just celebrated today since it is our day-off.
Unfortunately, I was not able to have a bite of this rich chocolatey cake =(

It was a fine Friday morning. We were in the park as early as 6:30 in the morning to get a nice venue for our party.

My honey and I - balloon arrangement in action.... =D

Camera moment....
With a lovely bandana wrapped around my head for heat protection... =D

Star of the day!
The birthday celebrant, Waky!

It was indeed a lovely and happy day for eveyone.
We had sumptuous Filipino dishes for lunch and humorous conversations.
And my honey had a fun time playing with Waky in the play ground.

Yeah, I'm missin' Philippines much and all the occasions there =(

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