Nostalgic Morning

Sun was up yet a fair cold breeze came brushing my cheeks. The streets were already busy with cars and people rushing for work. Thus, silence roamed just around me.

Every morning I had to passed through an underground tunnel to cross a road. Though I had my music on with my a headset in my ear, everything was muted every morning. Things running in my mind outstand than anything else that surrounded me.

I wished to bring back the days when I was so excited going to work. Those times when I started my days with a smile and enthusiasm with just about everything. Those days when as if I could just freely do anything regardless of my limits...

I don't know what had happened but all the music sounds to be very sentimental for me now. I could deeply feel every words in a song that as if I can relate to it.
How I wished to just be like the old times. When songs are just plainly music, distinguished by its rhythm and tempo, not about its meaning.

I don't know if this is too much to ask - A simple not so complicated life.


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