Inside my Work Space


Despite my stressful and sentimental attitude about life, I could say that I MY JOB!
I am currently working as an administrative staff in an elite fashion company of sheilas and abayas here in UAE.
So here's a glimpse of my so-called all-around job.

I usually starts with checking emails. Mostly are from our suppliers and some are sales order forms from our Dubai Boutique.

I am incharge of ordering materials such as laces and different kinds of fabrics from Europe.
Above are some of the best and famous brands in the world of fashion in Paris and Italy.

These are original Austrian Swarovski Crystals that we also used to accessorize our products and which I am also incharge of purchasing.

Yes, our product's materials are quite expensive. It is because we are a Haute Couture company and not into dresses mass production.

The restless designer module that I am using since the day I've started in this company. With this, I am incharge of doing the backbone of the company's POS in our boutiques. Analyzing, encoding costing and other related matters regarding all references in the system are just some of the things I should alway be alert of.
This program will surely test the extent of one's patience indeed.... It take ages to process this system =(

One of the few side-lines that my boss sometimes asked me to do is to search training manuals for their dog.
I just love it whenever my boss asked me to search online for anything about dogs. Well, I'm not really a fan of animals or dogs in particular but it is very interesting to read lots of things about them.

My mind refreshing activity is blogging. I currently work-on with two blogs. My personal one which is this one and the other is my food blog Pinoy Tsibog. I am sometimes updating my blogs from office especially when internet connection is off at home. But since most of my write-ups and photos are at home, I'm still very much comfortable blogging in my crib.
These were just some activities from my not so busy work day. Don't you ask what else am I doing during the real busy days huh...

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