It has been a long day for me today for work. My collegues and I left Abu Dhabi early going to Dubai Photoshoot for our upcoming new collection.

Can't say body is dead now.... just see some glimpse of my wholeday at work....

Yeah, I'm not in these pictures because I was in-charge of the backstage photos and assisting the model...

It was really a bit tiring yet fun day for all of us.

One lazy night for me... I was so exhausted from work that's why I had no time to cook for our dinner.
My husband just bought Indian biryani and pakora... Yeah, these are not native for us Pinoys, but living here in Middle East just bring us closer to lots of different dishes from different part of the world.

It was not so busy Sunday yet my table was so messy..... As usual...he he he =D

Can u help me find the gold pin???

My brain was still frozen from weekend but I have to properly plan my whole day at work....
Haissst... today seemed to be slow motioned... Good enough that my day has finished at work and had a good time with my husband afterwards =D

Saturday is sometimes one of my busiest days of the week.
Laundry, cleaning, cooking and sometimes ironing.

Laundry time!

Most of the time, my husband is in-charge of washing our clothes but since Saturday is our laundry schedule and he was in office, I still did some washing.

While doing the laundry, I was also cooking at the same time. =D
After cooking and while my laundy is still on, I was also cleaning our room.
Yeah, very productive indeed.

Haisssst and tiring too...
Any how, it was very relieving to see our things clean and properly arranged.

It's Waky's Birthday Bash today in the park.

It's his 5th birthday last November 21 but his family just celebrated today since it is our day-off.
Unfortunately, I was not able to have a bite of this rich chocolatey cake =(

It was a fine Friday morning. We were in the park as early as 6:30 in the morning to get a nice venue for our party.

My honey and I - balloon arrangement in action.... =D

Camera moment....
With a lovely bandana wrapped around my head for heat protection... =D

Star of the day!
The birthday celebrant, Waky!

It was indeed a lovely and happy day for eveyone.
We had sumptuous Filipino dishes for lunch and humorous conversations.
And my honey had a fun time playing with Waky in the play ground.

Yeah, I'm missin' Philippines much and all the occasions there =(

It was a half day work in office today so I have time to make some stuff for tomorrow's birthday celebration of Waky...
Who's Waky??? He's the cute and smart son of my friend/officemate, Rochel.


Materials =D

 Balloon arrangement in action!

 Almost finished product....

Just wait for more tomorrow!

My day started like the usual clumsy day....

It's not the lips.... I am showing you my wounded chin...
What happened??? I accidentally scratched it with my lovely nail.

The culprit!

It was a gloomy day....
The sky was dark as if it is going to rain...
Yeah, I am in Middle East and it is only 5% chance that it is going to rain even with this weather....


These were photos taken from our office window...
Where I stared most of the time....

Who's John??? He is our company Accountant / Admin Manager / Finance Manager / HR Manager / IT Manager - - -
In short, our company's Multi-Tasking Manager =D
And it is his birthday today!

A photoshopped caricature card for Mr. John. =D
And a hand-written message inside goes like this...

"Happy Birthday to someone who is forever young!
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays."

Arabesque Family


Since almost all of my colleagues wasn't in office for our usual group bday singing, I just placed this box of my homebaked muffins and his special birthday card on his table... =D


Who's Baby Arthur??? I don't know either....
My boss just asked me to do a personalized card for her friend who just gave birth to a baby boy named Arthur.
And something personalized for me is like this.... =D

Blue themed baby jumper with a pocket at the middle. Cute!

Cut-out pieces of baby stuff....
I love doing this kind of thing during working hours,,,, or even at home.
My boss said it is my forte to work on with this kind of stuff.... Nice compliment indeed!