Yeah, I'm still sick and very sleepy the whole day... I've had my laboratory blood and urine test this morning and still have to go back to doctor tonight for the results...
I can feel the fatigue and back pain for several days now and I just decide to have a check from the doctor last night. He said I need to undergo for some test... I've had to do fasting last night for the test this morning  and it indeed add-up to my weakness today... Haiiiisssstt.... =(
I know I've been stressed for quite some time but this is the first time I've felt this kind of fatigue... Dunno... =( hope everything will be fine...

Hello blog! I'm back but still not in a very blogging condition =( I've been sick for almost 2 weeks and still in a process of recovery. I've been through high fever and minor surgery (without anesthesia! damn doctor!) at the back because of a boil...  And now I am still weak and recovering those sleepless nights from the past week. Thus I have to be in office to finish lots of work. I am just very thankful that my bosses are so understanding of my situation.

I hate being terribly sick. It was like your so alone and helpless for just about anything. One thing I've learned is that...

Hand-made Christmas tree, decorated by the Church community.

The most visited booth, of course, was the Filipino community where they sell authentic Filipino cuisines. The best selling was pork barbeque. They also sell value meals with rice, paired with menudo and other Pinoy dishes.
You will see lots of couples and group of friends standing everywhere while holding their plates and enjoying their sumptuous food. 

Aside from food booth represented by communities from different nationalities, there were also game booths, medical mission booth, toys and books selling booths.

You will see these balloons everywhere. It was just a bit costly though.

I missed Christmas shopping in Quiapo and Divisoria =( although we've seen lots of similar stores here during the bazaar.

The ever hard-working Filipino volunteers in Pinoy Community booth.

Yes, we have Santa roaming around and posing for photos too =D

The ever madiskarte Pinoys who sell Filipino foods just outside the Church. Yes, it is illegal but you know Pinoys! =P he he he
We bought some tinapa and tocino =D

He he he, our prize in one of the games in the Bazaar. =D

Luv this! Want some??? nom nom nom =D

Literally frozen yogurt.... Full cream sour yogurt mixed with 2 teaspoon sugar and left for 3 hours in the freezer.... yummy! =D

Yes for dinner... My husband requested pancakes for our tonights' dish... He's like Homer Simpson who loves pancakes even for supper =D Well, I love it as well so we agreed to have it for tonight.
Topped with butter and strawberry jam =D yum yum yum...

Can't help myself but to do a small Christmas stuff in the office.
I did an origami Christmas tree and some folded star deco.
I made use of colored print-out papers and fuchsia & gold sequins.
It's about 5.5 inches in height and took me an hour to finish it.
Well, it's cute and and very personalized.... luv it! =D

In celebration of Islamic New Year and 40th UAE National Day, we had our day 3-day holidays. It was fun and gastronomically sumptuous.

Big companies artistically decorated their buildings with glamorous lights.

Perya in the city.

Locals and foreigners designed their cars with UAE flag.

OK, he doesn't have car but he has a full-lighted bicycle. =D

Chicken and vegies Pizza.

Spicy Beef Shawarma.

Spicy, spicy, spicy Chinese Beef Noodles.

Chicken and Hotdog Club Sandwich, plus Onion Rings and Fries.
It was a fun day today with my honey. We started our day a bit early than the usual day off. We woke up 10 in the morning, had our breakfast and went to fish market. Like our usual seafoods list, we bought shrimps, squid, crabs, and a new to our list, clams.

Here's a glimpse of our sumptuous lunch! =D

It has been a long day for me today for work. My collegues and I left Abu Dhabi early going to Dubai Photoshoot for our upcoming new collection.

Can't say body is dead now.... just see some glimpse of my wholeday at work....

Yeah, I'm not in these pictures because I was in-charge of the backstage photos and assisting the model...

It was really a bit tiring yet fun day for all of us.

One lazy night for me... I was so exhausted from work that's why I had no time to cook for our dinner.
My husband just bought Indian biryani and pakora... Yeah, these are not native for us Pinoys, but living here in Middle East just bring us closer to lots of different dishes from different part of the world.

It was not so busy Sunday yet my table was so messy..... As usual...he he he =D

Can u help me find the gold pin???

My brain was still frozen from weekend but I have to properly plan my whole day at work....
Haissst... today seemed to be slow motioned... Good enough that my day has finished at work and had a good time with my husband afterwards =D