One of the perks of being a blogger is receiving new products to try from existing or new brands. I was contacted by Allure Cosmetics through Instagram and informed me that they will be sending full size samples of their lipstick products for me to review. And whenever I got such message, the feeling is just like the first time I received my first ever sample product to review. Yes, this is the Nth time I got samples to review but the excitement is just the same.

Allure Cosmetics is a Singapore based company which started just this year (2017) whose aim is to meet the needs of all women with different skin type with glamour and sophistication, yet with high quality at affordable prices.

I received the parcel they sent me last week. It was few days delayed than expected delivery since we had long EID holidays here in UAE. It was perfectly wrapped in a protective cover and sealed in a plastic pouch. I gently unwrapped it and happy to see that the lipstick boxes did not have dent at all. I received one liquid matte lipstick and one satin lipstick. So here's my brief review of the lipsticks I received.

Packaging: Both lipsticks come in a black-matte, thick quality box with brand name written over it. The ingredients were also printed on the box which is a plus point. Shade name was stickered on one side of the box's opening cover for the satin lipstick, while there is none on the box of liquid lipstick.

The satin lipstick comes in a black matte rectangular shape with angular edges. It has a clear small bottom compartment filled with a colored formula which is of the same shade as of the lipstick. I think it is quite useful for consumers to see in an instant the actual shade of the lipstick even without opening it.

The liquid matte lipstick comes in round clear tube with black handle. It doesn't have any brand name printed on it's body, unlike the photos they have in the website. Well, maybe what I got was from the first batch. While the shade name with the brand name was stickered on the bottom of the tube. It has a common 'doe foot' shape wand applicator which is nice to use, as it glides effortlessly.

Satin Lipstick in Orchid shade: I tried first the satin lipstick on the day I got the parcel. It was Sunday, the first day of my work week here in UAE, so I wanted to start with a vibrant yet not so strong shade of lipstick.

The shade I got from the Allure Cosmetic's satin  lipstick collection was "Orchid". It is a bright pink-purple color which I believe would be flattering for fair to dark skin tones. It gives good medium coverage in a single swipe and full coverage in another. It also has a shine finish on it a good moisturizing effect that keeps my lips hydrated throughout the wear time. The scent of shea butter is another plus point!

Although the color and texture was great, it is definitely not long-lasting lipstick. But I guess 4 hours of wear time for a non-matte lipstick is good enough! It faded naturally and evenly, so it was easy to just apply another swipe when it needed a refresh.

Liquid Matte Lipstick in Poppy Red shade: The next day, I tried the liquid matte lipstick. I got "Poppy Red" shade from their liquid matte lipstick collection. It is a vibrant red shade infused with a touch of orange. 

Since I was in love with liquid lipsticks, I have tried so many rituals prior putting it on to avoid patchy lips and to achieve a smooth canvass. I do all these rituals at home before coming to office and do my makeup.

It has a very light creamy texture which makes it easy to apply. It applied smoothly and evenly on my first swipe, but I layered another coat until I was satisfied with the more pigmented finish. It has a shiny effect when you apply it,  but it will turn to a glamorous matte finish after a minute. It was a little sticky too on the first few minutes of the application, until it mattes up.

The shade has the perfect brightness which compliments any skin tones. Its vibrance is quite suitable for any festive occasion or even for just a regular day.

The longevity of this lipstick depends on how you will apply it. Personally, when I first applied it with 2 coats, it does give a more pigmented color but becomes patchy after couple of hours. Although it didn't feel too dry on my lips, it just came off in dry patches. Yes, that was sad. But I don't give up that easy!

I tried it again the next day with the same rituals prior putting the liquid matte lipstick. But now, I decided to use it with a single swipe. It still gives a good color pigmentation but a little lighter than having it in 2 or more coats. And YES it is the perfect way to apply it! It lasted for 5 hours with its rich color then eventually fades slowly after having meals. But still has visible poppy red color for another 3 hours. It does not smudge or transfer to my tea cup, but fades out naturally.

In a nutshell: Overall, I am happy and impressed with the quality of both line of lipsticks while it offers a very competitive market price. I am lucky to receive quite a nice and suitable shades for me. The satin lipstick is very much of an everyday kind of lipstick as it moisturizes and gives a natural effect on lips. The liquid lipstick is pretty good too but needed to be cautious on how to properly apply it to achieve its full effect. As I've seen the shades they offer from their website, there are plenty of lovely colors to choose from.  I am really looking forward and excited in trying some other shades in the near future. 

Here's where you can find their range of collection: or from their Instagram account @allurecosmetics_sg

Satin Lipstick Price = SGD 15 - AED 40 - Php 520
Liquid Lipstick Price = SGD 21 - AED 55 - Php 750

It was a long weekend EID holidays here in UAE, when my husband and I, together with some good friends decided to book for last minute hotel stay deals. We agreed to consider a budget friendly hotel with very good facilities just within here in Abu Dhabi.

Although it was peak season, we were lucky enough to still got a very good deal for a 4 Star Hotel 😊

We were booked in Le Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi, which is conveniently located in the Tourist Club Area in Abu Dhabi, within a few minutes walk from the city's business district and shopping malls. 

The staff were accommodating though a little strict that time. It also took us a little longer time to wait during the check-in process. Since it was a busy season, we highly understand the situation.

The hotel's lobby has sure made us feel comfortable. The hotel interior is decorated in warm tone colors, fine details and furnishings that reflect Arabian's vibrant culture.

Here are some photos taken from the hotel's lobby.

Here are photos taken from the upper-floor's hallway.

Inside our room is a very welcoming and elegant ambiance. Still matching with the hotel's warm color motif, the combination shades of green, red and gold definitely brought out a luxurious feeling. 

The toilet is spacious and complete with toiletries we need for a one-night stay. The king-size bed was nice and large and was extremely comfortable. The set of bedding is comfortable and of good size. I was just a little concerned with the air-con. It was already on it's coolest temperature but I felt that it couldn't handle very well the hot temperature outside. Anyhow, I was able to sleep comfortably that night though.
Here are photos taken inside our room.

One of the best part of our stay here in Le Meridien Hotel was that we enjoyed the outdoor pool and easy access to their private beach.

I was not so crowded yet when we checked-in since it was still a day early to celebrate EID.

The hotel offer restaurants and lounges where you can enjoy international cuisines from their menu.

It's picturesque beachfront is just few seconds away from the pool area.

Overall Le Meridien hotel is definitely a good value for money based on our recent stay. Here are some points I wanted to emphasize.
  • The ambiance in general is luxurious and welcoming.
  • The Wifi was excellent. I could connect even when I was in the pool area.
  • The amenities are nice too, specially the pool. I've seen that they have spa but I was not able to experience it since we closely keep our budget within our limits. 
  • The location is definitely perfect since it is close to malls and other tourist and business spots. I could get everywhere I needed quickly and easily 
  • The staff are OK; Some are accommodating but strict and some are snob.
  • The room has a very elegant features though need some improvements and change of few appliances.
  • The kettle in my friends' room was not working properly.
  • The corridors' ceiling are a little too low.
  • The window was dirty from our room.
  • The only access going in and out of the pool area is passing through the lobby restaurant, which I feel a little awkward. 


This day won't end without a selfie of course 😜

I am one of the privileged bloggers to be chosen as Brand Ambassador of Palmer's here in UAE. This month is my first product review of their goodies. Well, I'm really excited when I received this lovely box! Such an elegant packaging, indeed! A personalized, handwritten note and my name on a cute orange thick paper. 

In this month's box, I got a hair conditioning product made from Coconut Oil which is the Protein Pack and a foot care called Foot Magic made from Cocoa Butter Formula.

Both are perfect for the weather! Especially the Deep Conditioning Protein Pack for the hair. I divided it in two uses, although I believed it should be used only for one, especially if you have long, thick hair. Anyhow, after I used it the first time, my hair just got a nice shine and perfect bounce. I used my portable hair heating machine to thoroughly condition my hair. I let it condition my hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it with luke warm water.

While the Foot Magic works like magic if used everyday. My tired and rough feet just slowly soften and easier to scrub. It does not leave your feet greasy at all. The scent definitely helps in relaxing my feet. I used it every night before I go to sleep. I guess it works well when you cover it with socks overnight. It deeply moisturizes and penetrates the vitamin E which is essential for a flawless skin.

Palmer's is one of the best and well proven products not just here in UAE but in the world. One of the best products that I personally love from their products is the facial oil which I am constantly using. I am looking forward in reviewing more of their products in the coming months. 

What is your favorite Palmer's product/s? Share it with us ;)